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  1. Rafael Casanova

    This is... a quick update on the war.

    Well, I’m sure you know that this is Sparta
  2. Rafael Casanova

    New here

    Welcome to Orbis!
  3. Rafael Casanova

    Missing Alliance - Please Read!

    why why why Delilah
  4. Rafael Casanova

    Name this war! - October 2018

  5. Rafael Casanova

    Join Black Knights!

    Been in BK since I started out in December 2016 Joining is the best choice i ever made
  6. Rafael Casanova

    Ayyslamic Crusade: Ayyslamic Forces take Constantinople

    Ayylmao ayykbar
  7. Rafael Casanova

    The Inquisition's Rainbow Six Dank (Part 1)

    Ayyy lmao
  8. Rafael Casanova

    Join Black Knights!

    Hello! I’m really glad to have joined the Black Knights so soon after playing P&W, and I think a lot of it is down to the very supportive community that the alliance fosters. In fact, I think it would be better to call this a family than a community because the support system is that solid. Everyone here has just been so welcoming and I am impressed by the fact that the Black Knights willing to help new recruits improve. We strive to become better just by seeing the best in the game, and when we know that the best are just so hands-on in teaching, then we don’t just become better, we push boundaries.

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