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  1. Took long enough for someone to roll Cam
  2. Waffle house’s rush hour is at 4 am, no time for smoke breaks then.
  3. Going to Waffle House at 3 am is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had
  4. Adding strain to certain alliances and the market as a whole would make the game even more dynamic and fun... This is the best part imo
  5. Dullard


    I like it, would have to make sure there’s no bugs. Seems very abusable without proper testing....
  6. Should’ve been implemented years ago...
  7. Using resources is a great idea for upkeep, imo. Gives a use for resources in peace time.
  8. Now I know where we’re getting our beiges.
  9. It’s been great working with you, Atlan. We’ll miss you
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