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  1. Beat alliance You’re a joke
  2. Everyone crying about “Muh 72 hours” but we never signed one with Midgard… Ok !@#$s
  3. What are the adjustments for bountiful harvest?
  4. Embarrassing that y’all felt the need to join in
  5. I don’t look at it as setting a fixed price for a resource, but setting a minimum, as I said before all the numbers would be tweaked.
  6. New type of city improvements that basically convert manufactured resources into turn based money income. Example national train center- uses 1 gasoline per turn to produce 5 k money. all the amounts need to be worked out and id hapoy to to delve more into it, just wonder what everyone’s thinks of this. I think something needs to be down about the extreme glut of manufactured resources in the game right now and I think this is the perfect way to deal with this. this could also work as a function of commerce but in my opinion would be more difficult to implement.
  7. Bro it was obvious u ain’t special
  8. Ur 80k score not coming in is really gonna !@#$ us
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