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  1. Sorry, couldn't resist. Edit: For maximum effect, play in double speed.
  2. Depends on your country's stance on prize money. You might get far less if it's taxable.
  3. Can confirm I received the message from Frezasan. Blocked him as of this writing. Will provide screenshot if requested.
  4. Several EVE community media hyped a certain battle some years ago as the "Million-Dollar Battle." At the rate this war is accruing losses, it might become the "Million-Dollar War" by the end of January, if not the end of December. (Of course, EVE Online has surpassed that benchmark years ago.)
  5. Which one should I put a video on? Carolus Rex or Long Live the King?
  6. Genius Corp is an Acadia proxy: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=122270
  7. Yes. Another Bites the Dust must follow a cessation of conflict by one faction. It's heresy otherwise and the God-Emperor of the Imperium of Man will personally pass through a wormhole to smite Orbis to dust.
  8. You have no idea what meme you missed
  9. Gonna have to agree with you here. It has been downhill. I would like to drink over this, but then I'll probably be pulled over for DUI. And to leave it at that, I might as well throw something that 1) summed up the situation and 2) is equally not worth anyone's time and effort to respond : Ah yes, "whale tier." A set of constructs allegedly capable of downdeclaring mid-level nations with complete impunity, unless met with sufficient force. We have dismissed this claim. Ah yes, "hammer and anvil." Allegedly a tactical construct capable of maxi
  10. You didn't answer my question. And given your previous incomprehensibly garbled response, I have no reason to expect a proper response anyway. It's far more amusing watching you fumble and rant like a rabid dog Also, you can't go from demiled to fully miled in 2 days. You didn't get the joke.
  11. I'm aware of that. Malal's also the one to claim that the "Anti-Memesphere" exists, even though no one is against memes
  12. Explain how you will fight an alliance of equal numbers as yours, that has a substantial whale tier and a strong supporting mid-tier, while yours have mostly mid-tier, is demilitarized, and is given only two days to prepare. In other words, the situation Chaos found themselves in at the start of Surf's Up. Answer that, and then you may argue that tC can potentially hold tier better than Chaos.
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