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  1. Needless to say this departure never happened.
  2. The idea that alex is for some reason choosing sides is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. What does he seek to benefit by doing this?
  3. When it comes to the survival of the game, the rules should not be enforced. Big mistake alex.
  4. Everybody is going to say no, but you will certainly implement it regardless of people's wishes. Why bother asking?
  5. To quit or to not quit

    1. MonkeyDLegend


      hold out a few years and see me win :P then we can quit together ;)

  6. I doubt any of you all remember me, and you all probably don't care. But I first started playing this game on its second day of release, and I found myself a home in a alliance called Infinity(I believe it was its been so long). I don't actually remember much, I don't think it was long before we merged into The Atlas Confederacy. Little did I know for the entirety of the time I have been on this game, I would be sticking with this alliance until now, and little did I know I would have such a fun group of people to talk shit with. Anyway, these were some of the best years and the funnest times were had. One notable happening during this time was the war with the United Purple Nations and the Empire of Spades, eventually they sort of collapse any a lot of people ended joining and more friendships were to be had. Eventually we changed into Rose, and I think this where my activity started dying pretty much. This whole thing was a long time coming, I'm probably gonna stay until this war Rose has is over, and then I'm going to delete my account. This probably strangely written but I'm not too good with writing this whole thing. Thanks to CMDR Adama, Belisarius, Pubstomper, Redarmy, Kurdanak, Ockey, and everyone else for the good times. P.S I got 47 credits to giveaway, so if anybody knows anyway I can do a drawing of some sorts, leave a suggestion in this thread.
  7. I'd atleast like some way to track the income I get from trade though.
  8. I'd really love to see this if it is possible. There isnt really much to say here as the title is self explanatory.
  9. Go into paint.net or whatever program you use(excluding paint) and reduce the size of the image to a desired size.
  10. Because it is a big !@#$ing inconvenience. When I have re-upload. What if somebody loses their files?
  11. Because its like the American dream. People believe in it, when it really doesnt exist.
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