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  1. Some of these may be already in here, but I don't have time to read multiple pages of material, so I compiled a list of some good ones I think could make it to the game: Not severe: Minor Drought Small Protests Small Disease Outbreak Small Flooding Tornado Outbreak (Mostly North America, but can happen elsewhere.) Tropical Storm Severe: Major Drought, Famine Major Protests, Small Riots Shootings Disease Outbreak Major Flooding Large Tornadic Outbreak Hurricane National Embezzlement Wildfires Small Mine Collapses National Emergency Riots Major Pandemic Cat. 3 - 5 Hurricane Nuclear Incident Military Revolt Missile Failure Large Mine Collapses Nuclear Meltdown (Small scale, minor evacuations.) Earthquakes Volcanic Activity (Minor.) Terrorist Threats or Terrorist Incidents National Evacuations Military Coupe Nuclear Meltdown (Major/Catastrophic) Nuclear Missile Faliure Major Landslides Earthquakes (Large Scale) Volcanic Activity or Eruption Just my ideas. Some I took, so I give credit where due.
  2. I think it should be said that some people of the sect of Christianity (i.e. Church of Christ, which is what I follow. Not defending it or forcing it, just sayin'.) don't celebrate Christmas as a means of the glorification of God or any eternal being. We don't celebrate it as His birth. We celebrate it because its fun. And can we be honest here? Who doesn't like getting surprises? Anyway, same thing for Halloween. We don't identify it as a sacrilegious or demonic time, we celebrate it because its fun! Dressing up and getting king-sized Reese's Cups! None of these holidays are anything religious to me. They are just fun times of giving and getting fat on carbs. Those are my thoughts at least.
  3. This is the Anbrian Report. Today is January 26th, 2017. This is the news. Anbria released a report on the Zavod Anti-Socialist movement, showing that only 591 citizens are in support. The Anti-Socialist movement is not expected to pick up among other cities, but the movement may become increasingly popular among the fringes of the nation. Anbria will officially begin the rebuilding of cities when the Chief Monarch returns from the Canislavic vacation, as the bill passed authorization in the House of Srevo, the House of Ghren, and both sections of the Anbrian Democratic Committee. Rebuilding is suspected to cost above $500,000, and increased tax flow will be needed, as well as possible outside government grants and loans. Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing you next week.
  4. That's over, can we get Uranium prices down now?
  5. This would essentially be a story on the Anbrian Civil War of 1996. The war was what sparked the independence of the original Anbrian Monarchy. Not sure if roleplay would be adequate, but I think it might be interesting.
  6. There could have been something better to put here, but I don't know what that is yet....

  7. Welcome to the game! Good luck with your evil plans of evilness, and if you need, you can call upon me for help. -Anbrian Socialist Monarchy P.S. Not a commie.
  8. The Anbrian National Press has created this weekly report as a way to reach out to other nations in an effort for publicity. Anbria has recently joined the League of Imperialists among tension between the VE and the Yugo-Pact that led to the dissolution of the Yugo-Pact. Former member states have went their ways, with most transferring to the League of Imperialists. The tension could have escalated into an international war, and was quickly averted on behalf of the Yugo-Pact. The situation was de-escalated, and now is frozen, with minimal conflict. The situation stands as is, and Anbrian officials are working to gather more information on the subject. The Anbrian king has recently taken a vacation to Canislavia, and the Parliament approved of a 14 day vacation. This comes as the nation was partially evacuated due to an impending attack by a foreign government. The situation is resolved, and Anbrian residents have nothing to fear. Anti-Socialist protesters displayed the right to protest under Article 4, Section A, Line 2-A; protesting in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, effectively shutting-down government offices through this morning. The Anti-Socialist movement has picked up support in Zavod, after the invasion, but less than 1 percent of Zavod citizens have guaranteed support. The police were called to move the protesters, and were soon peacefully disbanded. This has been the Anbrian newsletter. Thank you. We look forward to next week's issue.
  9. Anyone play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2? I still do, after several years of staying loyal to the game. My personal favorite.
  10. Hey. Still do. Favorite SimCity game period.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TfknBdc_uY&list=RD_TfknBdc_uY
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