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  1. Malal

    peace talks

    I'm hesitant to listen to the views of someone who belives that unconditional surrenders are not only possible in this game but are actually being demanded.
  2. Malal

    peace talks

    Your side is completly crushed and there is 0 will for us to accept white peace from people who are more than happy to try and drive us out of the game when they think they're on top yet at the same time refuse to admit defeat when they clearly lost. Again, the only people who talk about unconditional surrender is your side because that's what your leadership intended to do upon us originally and are projecting their own fears upon a simple admission of defeat.
  3. Malal

    peace talks

    It's not a secret, unlike you we knew the war would be months long before you surrendered which is why instead of wasting our time jerking ourselves off about what kind of terms we were going to impose like your coalition did we spent that effort into actually running the war. Maybe if your coalition leadership weren't busy circlejerking about their stats and focusing on actually doing milcom we wouldn't have pulled down every single whale in your coalition so fast. And we still are more than happy to keep running milcom and pulling down more whales in T$ rather than wasting time writing terms that we'd probably have to throw out and rewrite in several months when yet another alliance decides to attack us. tl;dr first term is surrender, after that our coalition will begin discussing what the other terms are since it'll be several more months before you accept the first. edit: Imagine being brain dead enough to think admitting defeat is the same as unconditional surrender. This entire situation is due to how the KF terms discussion dragged on pointlessly for 4 months. Blame TKR/Guardian/GOB for how we decided to proceed with talks this time.
  4. Malal

    peace talks

    Anti-Memes has spent the past several months saying that they didn't lose because of stats so there's no point in us even bothering to write terms rn. Until they agree that they have in fact lost and have lost for months and they've been lying to their members about the state of the war why should we waste our time? The only thing anyone has to lose is Anti-memes membership.
  5. the dark theme was @Dr Rush and malone iirc. That's why it's so bad, as Alex would never implement a dark mode on his own :^)
  6. Talking about BK, the games biggest micro. Quit being so vain
  7. something something micro announcements something something two weeks
  8. What are you talking about? Tanks are constantly built and used by almost everyone. Some doctrines call for tanks to not be used early in the war in order to compress score, but after that even alliances following that doctrine boost their tanks. You're fundamentally misunderstanding why tanks tend to not be used by smaller nations in wars. In fact, The Covenant built tanks for our blitz against TS/TE and knocked out 80 nations in a day because we had land units when they didn't.
  9. I randomly quoted something you posted and meant to delete everything in it for the highlight. My post is just that HIV is a well known case-study in KGB disinformation techniques. Anyone who tries defending the disinformation is either: 1. an idiot who thinks that posting about it will somehow push Americans into believing other anti-american posts when in reality it pushes people more towards a clean-USA by conditioning people into believing that actual crimes committed by the american government never happened. or 2. A pro-american troll who is trying to muddy the waters with a well known disinformation in an attempt to cover up and/or downplay actual crimes by the American government via a well known and documented USSR disinformation campaign from the 1970's-1980's. As I said before, a dozen pages from COINTELPRO is more damaging to american reputation than any fake HIV story.
  10. Operation: InfeKtion (the first video) "AIDS is a USA bioweapon" is one of the KGB's most well-known disinformation campaigns from the late 70's to mid 80's. The USA actually got Gorbachev to admit to and apologize to Reagan for the false story. However, while it was forgotten about by most educated westerners, the third world decades later learned about the story but decided to run with it because "USA sucks." Congratulations on believing videos made by ignorant anti-american propagandists, the USA has done tons of evil and shitty things over the centuries (COINTELPRO, Iran-Contra, literally anything involving Native Americans, etc.) that using bullshit made-up stories only makes you look like an idiot and entrenches ignorant Americans who believe that the USA did nothing wrong.
  11. Litterally the worst treaty ever signed in the history of PW, Manthrax was right about you you dirty flying rat!
  12. I thought you said you blocked me? Apparently you must still care what I have to say then
  13. Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you think others agreeing with someone who called you out for being in a coalition with KKKT is an upvote conspiracy.
  14. I’ve seen you call out a lot of people this war. How are you weathering in this conflict? I hope things are going well There are a lot of nations that are having a hard time coping and are slipping into Vacation Mode. Some of these folks are so freaked out by the war that they are actively posting and are lurking on the forums/discord for several hours at a time and yet still keep their nation in VM. Yikes, amirite? Anywho, with how much smack talk you’re constantly giving and how active you are - I figured you must be personally responsible for a lot of your Coalition’s success. Nice work! Oh....whoops.
  15. The list of who's covered and who isn't is known by the interested parties. If you are not part of memesphere or farksphere and would like to find out more I recommend you apply to join alliance id=622.
  16. Anti-memesphere: Memesphere is killing the game, they're just gonna kill Fark next and then PW will die Memesphere: *Doesn't want to fight Fark or kill the game, signs NAP instead* Anti-Memesphere:
  17. In Order to Address the Rumors
  18. Malal


    Why are people posting the nazi tumblr frog thing?
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