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  1. You should be good to go now, if you still can't rejoin shoot me a dm on discord
  2. Ya, the CDD group has been dead for years. The two big problems with it were that it was just a microcosm of the community itself so no one could ever agree on anything and that alex mostly ignored it. The only two suggestions that I think were ever even partially implemented were spy counts and damages being hidden (in 2015) and the resistance mechanics (in 2016, a year after they were proposed). It's literally been dead for over three years with the only posts being me bumping a dead thread every few months about showing alliance trades in the global trade interface and highlighted green. Honestly, forget the idea of any sort of closed council or whatever you're thinking of and just post in the suggestion thread. If tons of people like it then just ask alex for his response/opinion. Literally the best option when it comes to suggestions.
  3. Good thing I'm not making a moral judgement then, eh? Of course I do, I'm pretty great
  4. Could've been worse, you could've put it in your computer.
  5. It's senseless to decrease mines when we're having a raws crunch. Either increase to 75% bonus output or don't touch it at all
  6. Is this going to be similar to the color councils/rainbow senate thing that was never implemented?
  7. How about having all units replenish in 5 days, including soldiers?
  8. This change will make it easier for whales to do this since they will be able to double-buy more military right after a down declare.
  9. Whales are already severely over-favored in wars, faster rebuys mean the side with the largest nations will win. Also, the score increase does not offset the rebuy benefits for down-declares, if this passes everyone who's active may as well be a raider since smaller guys can't stop you anymore.
  10. No one in this TEst was in any other version of TEst afaik. The people currently in this TEst are more akin to the kind of people who pretend to be a soldier IRL despite never being in the army.
  11. Good thing we're demanding a year long NAP
  12. It doesn't matter how valid the pre-empt was, by attacking first you are aggressive and must therefore pay reps to the defending side. This precedent was established by TS-sphere in 2015.
  13. Oh, and before I forget, since I'm sure this is a fact that is probably forgotten, DIEC's reps were their entire bank as """punishment""" for attempting to hide it and forcing them to take loans to pay off their reps. Unless we ask for all our enemies banks as compensation, any and all reps demanded are still effectively smaller than the precedent established in that war by TS-sphere. If anything, you should be grateful for our restraint and magnanimity in asking for relatively minor reps by comparison. However, I'm receptive to the idea of dusting off partisans rep hammer and using it on it's original wielder.
  14. https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Oktoberfest "BoC will pay $50,000,000 each to SK and tS as reparations for the damage done" "UPN agrees to pay a total of $300 million, 30k gasoline, and 30k munitions to Seven Kingdoms, The Syndicate, and Terminus Est, as reparation for damages done." 'DEIC agrees to pay a total of 25k steel, 25k gasoline as reparations for damages done. DEIC also agrees to pay a total of 350million (300mil as reparations for damages, and 50million as a fine to Mensa for DEIC being [email protected]#$)" It's not our problem that members of your coalition have decided that reps are bad now that you're on the losing side
  15. Someone literally used credits to get a city to 9k infra. I'm not sure why you can't do the same as them?
  16. I like how the reps we're asking for get larger each time the other side brings them up. Literally in just this page we went from 50b to 150b in two posts. A couple more and we're going to be asking for several hundred trillion. Also, NPO isn't asking for any reps. But if you guys want I can totally write a reps term for you guys to pay NPO. Roq won't like it but he's a a tiny hamster so what's he gonna do, scratch my shins?
  17. Our enemies when they were beating us: "We won the war so you must pay us reps, that's how things work" Our enemies now: "How dare you demand reps? You're only asking for reps because you're poor and broke" We get it, you're hypocrites, spare us the waterworks and pay up already so we can all move on.
  18. If that was the case then why is the TS-NP RoH still up? Then why was our entire post nuked if the problem was two words? It's not like it was lazily done in 5 minutes and anyone can tell that from a glance let alone if they bothered to read it. The True The Polaris posts were breaking rule 3 of the AA subfourm rules https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/10804-read-before-posting-alliance-affairs-forum-rules/ and is not relevant to a discussion where the Second in Command and Minister of Foreign Affairs is making an official announcement on behalf of their own alliance. Nor was our RoH simply a "meme declaration following repetitive patterns" as evidenced by even a cursory skim of it's full contents. None of UPN's wars were removed by Alex, any and all in-game actions we have taken are thus clearly legitimate by sheepy's (albeit lax) standards.
  19. After a through review of the consequences of this fake war, it's clear the only option is a game reset. I've started a new thread at https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/27818-the-game-must-be-reset-back-to-111/ to further discuss why it must be done. Thank you @James II for exposing this massive conspiracy.
  20. As discussed in this thread the integrity of the game has been completely compromised. @James IIhas completely blown the lid on this fake war conspiracy and as one of the perpetrators I feel obligated to attempt to help restore faith in the games integrity by any means necessary. As discussed in said thread after @James II's downright breathtaking and undeniable proof that our war with farksphere wasn't real, the cascading effect of this fake war's effects on the game is morally unacceptable. This fake war has lead to the fake destruction of tens of thousands of nations infrastructure, millions of resources to be removed from the game, along with countless military units to disappear from fake the fake war. This cascading effect has also lead to Starksphere and Anti-Memesphere to be able to rebuild military units by capitalizing on the distraction of this fake war. Every alliance leader in the game was in on this fake ploy and it's up to @Alex to fix this massive issue and breach of faith for the playerbase who are not part of this grand conspiracy. There is absolutly no other option but a reset to the day this fake war started with the GOONs attack on The Immortals. @Alex you owe it to your playerbase to undue the damage all this fakery has caused and I further suggest that you should include a thank-you note to @James II on the home screen as a show for his major part in revealing this massive conspiracy. The entire game is counting on you to fix this, Sheepy, we trust you to make the correct decision.
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