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  1. Jessica Rabbit

    A Hogwarts courtesy warning. You know who you are.

    Thanks for the tingles....
  2. Hahaha xD "You're an idiot. Hahaha I don't care. Brrrrr!" 50 likes and I'll make this the new t$ motto (until Chaunce and Zed change it back)
  3. Jessica Rabbit

    Space Bingo!

    Cool. Count me in.
  4. Jessica Rabbit


    To the best allies and friends any AA could hope for. o/ Community & friendship > everything
  5. Jessica Rabbit

    Renaming Syndisphere

    Why not Syndicatesuxthebiggestdick Sphere and leave it ambiguous?
  6. Jessica Rabbit

    Dear Woolly Overlord: Fix the Economy

    The new war mechanics are making everyone burn through money faster than resources. Roll back the 10% infra losses Reduce military upkeep Give us a commerce option that let's us maintain a positive income through a war, like Supermarkets generating a flat $1000 per turn instead of a % bonus. It would make them perfect for new nations trying to get going. You could also add commerce options that do more than one thing and aren't useless during war, things like military upkeep reduction or loot protection. And merge the redundant ones... Supermarkets: -2% commerce, +$1000 per turn, cap=5 Banks: +12% commerce, +5% loot protection, cap=8 Universities: +4% commerce, -10% improvement upkeep in host city, cap=3 Industrial Complex: -1% commerce, -20% military upkeep, cap=2 It's like a financial analyst gauntlet. xD
  7. Jessica Rabbit

    Why u do tis? [Round 4] [Official]

    Tied at 93. So funny. You need a 3rd option to tip the poll. How about The Trail of Tierz?
  8. Jessica Rabbit

    Why u do tis? [Round 4] [Official]

  9. Jessica Rabbit

    Soft Capping improvements.

    I see the merits, but the downside is unchecked military proliferation increasing the cost of war until only the wealthiest alliances can afford it.... I mean... Yes! Let's do it!
  10. Jessica Rabbit

    War. War Never Changes.

    Just to be clear, I was responding to your earlier assessment of who was taking more damage at the end of the war. It was not meant as a critique of your goals. That said, I'm surprised to hear you say you have no hope of "winning." Knowing you, you will come out on top in the end because you work 10x as hard as anyone else, and you don't give up. That's how games like this are "won" by the conventional definition. It's only a matter of time.
  11. Jessica Rabbit

    War. War Never Changes.

    I like to think of PW economies like race cars. We don't win by cornering at the highest speed. We win by fighting for control of the best line then exiting at the highest speed. I will happily go to ZI with someone if that's what it takes to remove their military and put them on their back. After that, it's all about the rebuild. If I have enough money to rebuild to 1800 infra, and they have only enough to rebuild to 1200, and the war is consuming both our warchests at a rate of $50m per day, for them that's a daily loss of 6k infra off their rebuild while for me it's only 2.6k infra per day. And the longer we go, the more the momentum swings in my favor. Looking at damage stats during a war is a mistake. It leads to bad strategy and poor choices imo. It's best not to look. Hope this was helpful.
  12. Jessica Rabbit

    Dear Woolly Overlord: Fix the Economy

    Make attacks, nuclear power plants and hungry citizens consume +50% more resources. Good to see somebody called this out.
  13. Jessica Rabbit

    Notice of Cancelation

    UPN really does have some great fighters.
  14. Jessica Rabbit

    Inquisition Flight 420 to Nassau - UPN Removed

    I agree with Roq on this one. There's a lot more fighting left to do. We all want to see how this ends.
  15. Jessica Rabbit

    Inquisition Flight 420 to Nassau - UPN Removed

    Is it obvious who's winning? I don't care about war stats. Until one side can't fight anymore, it's not over.

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