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  1. J Kell got a new beat...   J Kell is ready to bring the heat...  Expect it next week...

  2. I beat him in good looks and he beats me in the rhyme scheme. I'm OK with that!
  3. J Kell along with @Charlie Traveler kill another beat. I want to take this place to announce that I am coming out with a full-length album this summer(Late Julyish). The album will not be about P&W, but good guys Kev and Charlie will be features on it. If you want to keep up to date on the music I create Check out these links And limit your blinks https://twitter.com/JKellMusic https://www.instagram.com/jkellmusic/
  4. J Kell is coming out with a new bop this week.  Be ready to rise to the top 25!

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax


  5. Balish

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    @Kevanovia @Sweeeeet Ronny D I made that exclusively for the Great Job! show. All inquiries for usage outside of that show must be made formally on my Discord. I thank you for your interest in a Keller Branding product. Together we will make Politics and War look and sound amazing. - J Kell
  6. I heard that if we get 50 likes on this post, Charlie will do it live
  7. The lawsuit against the soup is hot!

    1. MinesomeMC


      Do I need to blow over it? 

  8. Soup Kitchen is overrated. @Kevanovia
  9. J Kell has stuff coming out, Cause J Kell is never done.

  10. Balish

    The Soup is Hot

    Looking at a potential lawsuit here, music used without my permission. When Charlie approached me he claimed it would be for something cool. Contract was never signed, I'll see you in court.
  11. Jkell Jkell Jkell

    1. Zevfer


      Lit Lit Lit

  12. Balish


    My nation is doing well, we've been non-stop on music production. The beat factories are overworked, but they still come out with quality beats. I'm proud of my citizens... Also, for people who care enough, I'm going to put up an insta, Spotify, and Soundcloud profile out soon.
  13. Balish

    Very popular song! Anyone Know the name? Helpp!!!

    Beep Boo boo beep? hmm
  14. No new song this week...  I shall return soon


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