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  1. yo, if it is, I'll amend it and change the way I go about this. I want to get back into the community by making stuff for the people in it. The fees I tried to make nominal just so I can afford the software needed.
  2. Hey ya'll, J Kell here. Years ago I had an ingame business where I produced images, gifs, music, and videos for the people of Orbis to use to promote whatever they wanted in the game. I took a long break because life happened and I went off, joined the military, and started law school. Now I have some free time and a desire to create this content yet again. Would you all like to feed into my desire to produce this content? What do I offer? Custom Images, gifs, and illustrations Videos, this involves heavily produced projects if desired Music, parodies, originals, or whatever you so desire What does this cost? I am unwilling to produce a price sheet because every project is different, but I am (tentatively as I am waiting for approval from Alex, if I get told I cannot charge I will find another avenue in which to be compensated) expecting real dollars here as I am desiring for this hobby to pay for my Adobe Creative Suite. However, unless you have massive project, I do not think the price of any of these items would ever succeed $10 and the average to be about $5. Join the Discord and message Joshua Keller if you want to inquire about my work: https://discord.gg/y9zhbFJ8 Examples of previous work: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/24509-save-dem-pixels-pixel-hugger-anthem/ https://imgur.com/vwWwEUn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erkIOTmcG70
  3. I do not, just have a nation ID and a prayer. Nation ID: 22899
  4. Keller Branding is going to come back.  Looking forward to opening back up.

  5. I had an account that was deleted for inactivity. Can I recover? I am willing to pay for this privilege. Asking for a shot Alex.
  6. J Kell J Kell J Kell...

  7. Psst, there is a new song posted in the General discussion (non - P&W related)

  8. I am working on an Album that features Charlie and Kev! AWESOME RIGHT?!?!? This is the first song off it, Double Pump. It is on all major streaming services. I hope you enjoy it! There is a PnW song coming soon, just hold out for Kev to send me things. Song on Sound Cloud: Song on Spotify: Follow J Kell on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3HvMXdmhrMSq8QAeNTp97T?si=An0CHIfeQXeJbSJDSlPqsA Follow J Kell on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jkellmusic/ Follow J Kell on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JKellMusic
  9. J Kell got a new beat...   J Kell is ready to bring the heat...  Expect it next week...

  10. I beat him in good looks and he beats me in the rhyme scheme. I'm OK with that!
  11. J Kell along with @Charlie Traveler kill another beat. I want to take this place to announce that I am coming out with a full-length album this summer(Late Julyish). The album will not be about P&W, but good guys Kev and Charlie will be features on it. If you want to keep up to date on the music I create Check out these links And limit your blinks https://twitter.com/JKellMusic https://www.instagram.com/jkellmusic/
  12. J Kell is coming out with a new bop this week.  Be ready to rise to the top 25!

  13. @Kevanovia @Sweeeeet Ronny D I made that exclusively for the Great Job! show. All inquiries for usage outside of that show must be made formally on my Discord. I thank you for your interest in a Keller Branding product. Together we will make Politics and War look and sound amazing. - J Kell
  14. I heard that if we get 50 likes on this post, Charlie will do it live
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