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  1. Balish

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    @Kevanovia @Sweeeeet Ronny D I made that exclusively for the Great Job! show. All inquiries for usage outside of that show must be made formally on my Discord. I thank you for your interest in a Keller Branding product. Together we will make Politics and War look and sound amazing. - J Kell
  2. I heard that if we get 50 likes on this post, Charlie will do it live
  3. The lawsuit against the soup is hot!

    1. MinesomeMC


      Do I need to blow over it? 

  4. Soup Kitchen is overrated. @Kevanovia
  5. J Kell has stuff coming out, Cause J Kell is never done.

  6. Balish

    The Soup is Hot

    Looking at a potential lawsuit here, music used without my permission. When Charlie approached me he claimed it would be for something cool. Contract was never signed, I'll see you in court.
  7. Jkell Jkell Jkell

    1. Zevfer


      Lit Lit Lit

  8. Balish


    My nation is doing well, we've been non-stop on music production. The beat factories are overworked, but they still come out with quality beats. I'm proud of my citizens... Also, for people who care enough, I'm going to put up an insta, Spotify, and Soundcloud profile out soon.
  9. Balish

    Very popular song! Anyone Know the name? Helpp!!!

    Beep Boo boo beep? hmm
  10. No new song this week...  I shall return soon

  11. Written by Gorge, Joshua Keller, and Kev Performed by Joshua Keller and Charlie Traveler Spilled Milk...
  12. Written by JKell and Kev (Verse 1) I was cruising on the forums when out the corner of my eye I saw several pings just for me. They said I need to get some things off my chest and can you please help me come clean Now Here are some logs, it’s time to lift the fog of the coalition conspiracy Crack a knuckle, type it out, it’s time to light it up and blow the lid off this thing (Chorus) Well there ain’t no rest for the Shifty, leaks don’t come easy I got plots to foil, I’ve got micros to kill there ain’t nothing in this world that’s safe No I can’t slow down, I can’t hold back although I know you wish I could No there ain’t no rest for the Shifty, until we destroy Orbis for good (Verse 2) Not even fifteen minutes later after submitting the post When I saw the shadow of a Hippo creep out of sight And then it swept up from behind, it slapped me in the face It started speaking about SJW shadow fights It said, “Racist bounty posts is what they are they are claiming But I don’t think that makes much sense” I told him, “I will post your claim, in an anonymous way but first What other leaks have you got that are nice? OH (Verse 3) Well now a couple hours past and I was chatting in my server The leaks were slowing down and I started to bore And so I went through some thoughts and counted idea And what I came up with I was pretty sure I’ll make my own alliance and fill it with my adoring fans And will persevere through all this strife. But then I realized that leaks they are forbidden Oh yes, my protectorate controls my life
  13. Balish

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    Glad nothing got accomplished, damn this game is the literal definition of insanity.
  14. Balish

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    Holy Hell, You made hell holy with this post. Congrats.

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