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  1. Been a hectic day, but it may now be known to all. Not only do we refuse to negotiate with terrorists, we will completely torch their operation and laugh at them after. Hey, I think that went pretty well for me.
  2. Alliance of the Year: Eclipse Most Improved Alliance: Carthago Best Rookie Alliance: The Sword Coast Best Alliance for New Players: The Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed in 2024: Eclipse, they're popping off! Most Likely to be Rolled in 2024: Singularity Most Honorable Alliance: The Legion Best Fighting Alliance: Carthago Worst Fighting Alliance: Camelot Best Alliance Growth: Eclipse Best Foreign Affairs Move: TKR/T$ breaking up before Florida Worst Foreign Affairs Move: The handling of House Stark's war reps demands. Biggest Alliance Decline in 2023: Singularity
  3. Most Influential Player: Tarroc Most Likely to Succeed in 2024: Themonia Best Alliance Leader: Tarroc Best Villain: Keegoz Nicest Player: MaiseeDaisee Most Controversial Player: Keegoz Most Missed Player: Clymenides Best Fighter: Leonissenbaum Most Online/Likely to respond in 1 minute: Themonia
  4. I agree, ROI for all! After I'm done nuking though.
  5. I sympathise with you! We should make a treaty of some kind that prohibits these horrible weapons. Maybe if we all agree to nuke people who use nukes, we can solve this!
  6. Maybe if you'd stop telling everybody, it could be a secret again.
  7. "You activated my trap card SECRET TREATY."
  8. The only thing I can see this doing is allowing people to mass build cities on lower level players during wars or raids. If you want to mess with the city timer, either reduce it or remove it entirely.
  9. Most Influential Player: @Agent W Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: @Odin the Allfather (I can't vote for myself you see ) Best Alliance Leader: @Agent W Worst Alliance Leader: Poseidon Best In-Character Poster: @Gaius Julius Caesar Best Villain: @Divinum Nicest Player: @Wren Most Controversial Player: @His Holy Decagon Most Missed Player: @SeparatiX Best Nation Page: @His Holy Decagon Best Fighter: @Kamala Khan Best High Government Member: @leonissenbaum Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: @Astoria Best War Criminal: @Hwan
  10. Alliance of the Year: The Syndicate Most Improved Alliance: Aurora Best New Merged Alliance: Paradise Best Rookie Alliance: The Enterprise Best Alliance for New Players: The Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Aurora Most Likely to be Rolled in 2023: Cataclysm Most Honourable Alliance: House Stark Best Fighting Alliance: The Enterprise Worst Fighting Alliance: The Immortals Best Alliance Growth: The Syndicate Best Foreign Affairs Team: The Syndicate (We stan WANA) Best Foreign Affairs Move: T$ dropping Cata Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Cata hitting midgard then copiously malding. Alliance with Best Propaganda: The Wei (Now Serene Wei) Most Missed Alliance: OWR Best Alliance Flag (please link): Best Holiday Flag (please link): Biggest Alliance Decline in 2022: TKR
  11. Looking forward to working with you all! May the gods of ROI bless you as well.
  12. Are you sure it's taking the trash out that causes the need to shower? Where I'm from people shower regularly as basic hygiene...
  13. Ah, I understand! If you'd like to apply to The Enterprise you're more than welcome to! We're happy to train you!
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