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  1. ReaverAxis

    What's That Smell?

    Reaver's not here. Reaver went away. Reaver's gone.
  2. ReaverAxis


    Apparently they didn't think their ally would notice either.
  3. ReaverAxis

    Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    Death to the false Emperor!
  4. Doot Doot Thank Mr. Khorne

  5. ReaverAxis

    A Reduction of Paper Announcement

  6. You're a cool banana man tbqh

  7. ReaverAxis

    whats your favorite Les Paul Supreme moment?

    You can reset VM while already in VM. When you activate it a second time it overrides anything left from the first. So if you had 6 months remaining, you can reset to two weeks, or in this case he reset from one turn to three weeks.
  8. Long live the Queen Bee!
  9. ReaverAxis

    L8r m9s

    There goes dat boi. O shit goodbye.
  10. TLDR: WU merged into CKD and we kept their treaties as ODPs. Credit for the art goes to the wonderful Ripper. 10/10 Best commission ever.
  11. ReaverAxis

    A Partisan message

    Hssss. Message received.
  12. ReaverAxis

    Declaration of Love

    No love for the snek D: Edit: Yaaaaay love for snek.
  13. ReaverAxis

    Prefontaine, Out.

    Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
  14. ReaverAxis

    Get Fisted

    It all began when The King in Yellow, ReaverAxis, and Shifty were tired of getting drunk and having tests of strength in their backyard. One day, after consuming considerable amounts of shit beer, we saw a light. Possibly a police helicopter, but we assumed it was ayyliens. Suddenly, we heard a voice that said “if you build it, they will come.†King in Yellow claimed to have seen the benevolent voice of the greatest martial arts instructor, Sensei John "No Mercy" Kreese. Together, using whatever spare change they had, they decided to open the Cobra Kai Dojo for Martial & Culinary Arts. Located in a local Los Angeles strip mall, together they await new recruits. Herein contains the Paperwork. The rest of the Licenses and certifications such as the Business Operation License, the Federal Employer Identification Number(TIN), Fictitious Business Name Permit(Cobra Kai Dojo for Martial & Culinary Arts), Zoning Permit, Land Use Permit, Health Department Permit, Sales Tax License, Fire Department Permit, California State Business Weapons License(for the nunchakus), US Food and Drug Administration Meat License(for the Culinary Institute) have been omitted but will be posted in the dojo entrance which is our viewing room as required by California State, Los Angeles County and City laws. Our current rating is a huge A from the Public Health Department with a fabulous score of 98/100! However, we are left with a total amount of $2.36 Located at 1215 Wilshire Blvd in the fabulous city of Los Angeles, CA we founded the Cobra Kai Dojo for Martial & Culinary Arts. Our aim/goal is to establish a fine class of fun and active members who are willing to go the extra mile by actually being active and social. We use Discord. We would like you to also use Discord. If you want to join and do not know how to use Discord, PM one of our members. We are wanting to encourage the current and next generation of active players who can make this place even more fun and a great place to enjoy on the internet. Also, we share recipes- for consumption AND destruction! Our Dojo Masters are well trained in the Martial Arts and have fine pedigrees in diverse Culinary backgrounds and can train you in the nunchaku, karate and in proper norimaki forming techniques. Enroll now on Discord and you will receive a special belt rank! We look forward to training with you! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/rZJzs6V Protectors are: New Pacific Order Black Knights The Commonwealth Weyland-Yutani Corporation Viridian Entente Lordaeron

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