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  1. You do realize telling Mensa to be more aggressive is prob not the best idea, right? Giving us a reason to piss you off now sounds fun and seems fun.
  2. ...you do realize this looks like an invitation for Mensa right?
  3. Peace at home! Peace in the world!
  4. Ugly blessed hippo checking in. Arrgh, you fought well, I wasnt in range, but I saw your attics first hand with platoon buddies.
  5. For what it's worth. The email notifications are instantaneous, I got a counter in on two of the guys who attacked me this war just by going through the email to the game, so it's possible without any help.
  6. Any reason you are not putting planes in the mix on these Inst?
  7. I do enjoy the fact I texted Oblige thanks for building himself out of our range and he decided to stay up there instead of coming back down to help everyone else.
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