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  1. Welp, it's time for me to say goodbye. After 1001 days of playing this game, I chose to finally quit P&W and delete my nation. I've been semi-active for over half a year anyways. Due to my new job (and because I pretty much lost interest in P&W), I haven't really been able to play the game properly. In that state I am no use to my alliance, nor to my nation itself. This is why I chose to stop playing. Tbh, I would've quit earlier, but I stayed for the people, rather than the game itself. Now to some final words to some very special people (which, let's be honest, nobody is gonna read, since noone wastes their time in this section of the forums ): Rozalia I have doubted you in the past. But while we may have some ideological differences, I am absolutely sure that you are a great leader and that you'll lead Roz Wei to even further greatness. Please continue to take care of all my comrades from the former SWF, Phoenix and the older RW members. You are the kind of leader they need. PRAISED BE GOD EMPEROR ROZALIA! o/ Jumin You've been a great friend and a great comrade. You helped me out a lot and I owe a lot to you. If you ever need help, let me know. Odin (or whatever he calls himself now) I will never forget how our alliances fought together against CF. Probably the most righteous thing I've ever done in this game. May your nation continue to grow and one day become the biggest whale there is. Klemens Hawicki I owe you an apology. It was me who betrayed you back then, but you probably already knew that. Not that I regret it - joining RW was no mistake after all. And yet, you had the best intentions and I feel like I owe you this apology. So from the bottom of my heart: I am sorry. Ansom (not sure if he still plays PnW) Not much to say to you. You helped me out when I was new here, so thanks for that m8. Mensa HQ HAHA GO !@#$ YOURSELVES! I SURVIVED YOUR REIGN OF TERROR! SEE YA LATER, NERDS! Sheepy/Alex Your game is dying. Might as well end it now, in order to avoid further delay and dishonour. But whatever. It's yours, not mine. ...and last but not least The Governor I know you stopped playing this game over a year ago, but I'm gonna write it anyways. You did nothing wrong. Looking back at almost three years of good times and bad times, I now realise that you did the only right thing to do. You, sir, are my hero and I will follow your example. Also let it be known that I am glad that I never spent a single dime on this game. Jokes on you if you did. RIP Socialist Republic of Sovietistan, 11th April 2015 - 6th January 2018 (or 7th here in Germany) Goodbye and have fun!
  2. Praise Kek! Praise Trump! Blessed be our lord Rozalia!
  3. Not bad. Have you considered shaving?
  4. Yea and let's not forget that Stalin's Space Communism wiped out the entire population of Mars. That's why they call it the Red Planet today.
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