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  1. I am sorry, Tswift just ruined this for me.
  2. ReaverIC

    Arrgh! Recognition of Hostilities

    I thought the sea was salty, never thought that the people here are saltier. Lets move on with the peace
  3. ReaverIC

    A New Chapter

    From the stealing fiasco from the past to becoming leader. you made the community united in trolling with you over and over. You will be missed (I guess)
  4. ReaverIC

    3 AAs 1 Cup

    Ready them walls, We goin to crusade. Deus Vult. (My Views and opinions doesn't necessarily reflect my alliance, friends and allies, only your mom)
  5. ReaverIC


    So uhmm, this was rather unexciting and fast, but more of unexciting.
  6. ReaverIC


    I'd miss mensa, I had the privilege of starting playing in Pfeiffer's days of leadership. You guys were always disagreeable for me but I respected you. Hope we see each other again, not here but maybe elsewhere. Deus Vult.
  7. ReaverIC

    Arrgh! You could save 15% or more!

    Here take my money, and rum, also, do you take installments?
  8. ReaverIC

    Goodbye Kastor

    Uhmm didn't foursquare just announced their DoE recently?
  9. ReaverIC

    Special Recognition

    Deus Vult Brother.
  10. ReaverIC

    A Few Changes

    I support the fact that Thalmor gets 2 positions in one go
  11. ReaverIC

    Rose Elections and Foreign Affairs Update

    Congratulations to Rose Deus Vigilo
  12. ReaverIC

    Crusader Compact v2

    Deus Vult!
  13. ReaverIC

    Iron Guard - Declaration of Existence

    Oh, I just used something that you'd understand better. Douche.
  14. Busy fighting for Jerusalem XOXO


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