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  1. Okey, so they leaked info and stuff so you kicked them out? I dont get this.
  2. What about a tarde steel for alumnuim.
  3. LordMane611


    i had 40,000,000 food now i went to 30,000,000.uranium Was always kept over 800 now i have 680? This is not the 27
  4. Wait, could you tell CS to move out of purple since they lost?
  5. Okey so You aré an allance without knowing what is going on. You still go to war not knowing if VE and Rose want more power.
  6. Keep orbis free from VE and Rose rule. Charge! Charge breve men!
  7. What friendship they used each other to defeat a common enemy to gain more power. They now want more power so getting rid of Syn is helpful and leting vanguard get wiped out is also good, because they will lose power. If rose and VE win TC will be on the next hit list.
  8. Well I will join try to be neutral and sell crazy priced resources to the side that pays the most
  9. Some [email protected]#$how, Trump rose in the polls drastically. (as Usual) Simple he bribed lots of people.
  10. Wow... You rather vote for a rich guy who will bring corruption. He will create deals with the government, in which his company will get access to lots of stuff.
  11. Have you even cheaked my nación? I thought i was worth moré.
  12. Um... Were you dunk or high yesterday?
  13. So... When Will I Get My Fiancial Help?
  14. We do not need everyone. Just a few that we Will select.
  15. its party time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL1ByAIf8Ck&list=RDdYa6KLLrWoU&index=3 how do we put a vid on this website. i dont see any way.
  16. so can i get some financial help? like may be, 500 1,250 500 $6,000,000 then, 5,000 7,500 $50,000,000
  17. Empire of Spades is an alliance based on the deck of cards. We are an alliance currently being restored. We value lots of things, but these three are special. -Education: we like to teach players on how to become independent, by having a strong economy. -Objectives: we have goals and we expect players to reach them, it might be a military or economical goal. -Security: We are an alliance that focuses on having good economies which is why we need to feel safe As of now we offer. -Funds for new cities (5th cities) -Loans with low or no interest -Protection for those near war range -Forums to communicate with other members -The power to vote during elections. -A place to call home Requirements; If you are new, apply at forums and apply in game If you are an experienced member, then talk to a person in government and await for an answer. We were once a glorious alliance but thing change. With your help we could regain glory, this is why we need you! Current Government, Ace: Pytre von du Gotha King: Garrett Tipton MoD: (LordMane acting) MoE: WISD0MTREE MoFA: LordMane611
  18. execpt me. I shall not let rose brainwash me.
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