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  1. this is shit join ARRGH!!
  2. hello i'm sorta back




  3. you look so pretty what about a marriage alliance?
  4. are they all ready to mingle? i'm pretty sure i can solve your population cris
  5. do you have strong and beautiful ladies?
  6. you guys forgot to demand nudes for peace
  7. haha i am back to the game what happened with the previous alliances? this political scene is different haha you all lucky my account is in vacation
  8. haha i finally recovered my forum account what i miss
  9. i have decided to play this game once again because i haven't been able to find such a wonderful community else where. So i would love to learn how to recover my old account?
  10. Goods Wanted (With numbers saying how much you want daily): 120 steel Goods Willing To Pay With: 120 iron
  11. So what? We all know treaties can be broken. What gurentee do u have besides a website with letters and names? Oh rose so inocente, Snakes can not be trusted.
  12. Writer and director Tom Six wants to shock you, and he accomplishes his goal. The things onscreen are extremely revolting and upsetting. It is nearly impossible to not look away a few times because something exciting happens every second. It does not take much talent to film something shocking. And Six really wants to rub your nose it. The human suffering is drawn out and the camera lingers. He is very impressed with himself and what he is showing. He really shouldn’t be. Harvey, the man has enormous saucer eyes along with a short and chubby body, was a big fan of the human centipede. He went as far as to kidnap 12 people by beating them up with a crowbar in many ways or shooting them. The black-and-white imagery is often stark and haunting, at least when it doesn’t include human waste or a bleeding birdie. That's right a bleeding birdie, martin got aroused by his creation to the point he wrap barb wire around his birdie and rapped one of the female victims, one of the best parts of the movie. In conclusion, if you like to see lots of gore and horror then the human centipede 2 is just for you.
  13. During school, one can learn a lot. I learned that dragons symbolise power, strength and good luck to those that deserve it. Dragons are fascinating creatures because they inspired medieval stories. I also learned that dragons could be bad. It symbolises evil, greed, and lust. Whether it has a virgin which it cannot use or stores treasure that it cannot use. Through this discovery I have made this announcement. Joint Resolution: 1) Orbits would never be the same if The Covenant falls, which is why and the reason we must destroy Seven Kingdoms. (Greed to Control evil) 2) The Seven Kingdoms have been at war with The Covenant, since a long time and it is our duty to protect what Empire of Spades helped create. (Evil) 3) Declaring that a state of war exist between Seven Kingdoms and Empire of Spades. (I don’t know, maybe Lust for war?) So in a few words the purple army sets out to wipe out SK and help The Covenant!
  14. I just saw the timelines and UPN might lose this one. Who will protect the protectorates once the lower tier defence is wiped out?
  15. If you do you can have my money.
  16. well i did was not aware of what was going on until I started reading messages from Pedro's discussion with Sweet Ronny(very nasty by the way). Then his discussion with Chris. I do not wish to persecute this new player to the game, if we do then players will stop playing. I wish you luck in finding a caring alliance. EDIT: Chris will be under our protection until he finds an alliance. I feel guilty.
  17. Congrats. I am glad to see you grow. Wish you the best. Cheers,
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