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  1. this is shit join ARRGH!!
  2. hello i'm sorta back




  3. you look so pretty what about a marriage alliance?
  4. are they all ready to mingle? i'm pretty sure i can solve your population cris
  5. do you have strong and beautiful ladies?
  6. you guys forgot to demand nudes for peace
  7. haha i am back to the game what happened with the previous alliances? this political scene is different haha you all lucky my account is in vacation
  8. haha i finally recovered my forum account what i miss
  9. i have decided to play this game once again because i haven't been able to find such a wonderful community else where. So i would love to learn how to recover my old account?
  10. Goods Wanted (With numbers saying how much you want daily): 120 steel Goods Willing To Pay With: 120 iron
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