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  1. So what exactly is your question Kastor?
  2. He did post a bit of a heads up on Facebook. Time to call up the national guard to calm the rioting in the streets...
  3. WTF indeed. The glow just got a little brighter
  4. This is another reason why I love Aargh
  5. I could use at least 40m for rebuilding aid
  6. Roz Wei was very tiny and just starting out and Cobalt was the biggest alliance in Blue at the time and was actively bullying micros to force them to leave blue because they were dragging down our color stock bonus. Rozalia came to me looking to form a blue unity bloc. I liked his tenacity and sticking to his principles so one carefully worded post let Cobalt know we had RW'S back. They backed down and eventually broke down. The rest is history. Fast forward to now: I'm really glad we could get this whole sibling rivalry thing worked out and get back to being family again. Also: Hey
  7. Signed for Fark: Slick Johnson IA Head Free hookers and blow for all involved
  8. I love the smell of gamma rays in the morning. Smells like victory
  9. Welcome to Orbis old friends. Glad to see your spaceship has finally arrived safely
  10. Indeed. Being our first real war we learned a thing or two to use in the future. Personally I enjoy knowing that we get along so well with most of Orbis most of the time and don't have to be called into war. IMO, Arrgh are the best allies we could ever ask for
  11. How delightfully charming. Welcome to the battle
  12. These principles are why I love Arrgh so much. I had a great time with them as a member and when it came time to leave and found Fark I was given full blessings, a Protecorate and support. I am also welcome to go back if I ever leave Fark. It very well could happen some day. Those principles make them a very fun alliance to be in and fair to those who they associate with.
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