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  1. Is it normal to lose over 500 infra from one city, during a war, to an Air Attack? President Vladamir Putin of Soviet Russia ordered an airstrike upon your nation of Camelia. The attack was an immense triumph. President Vladamir Putin's forces lost 34 aircraft, while your defenders lost 211 aircraft. You used 68.50 munitions and gasoline defending the attack. The attack destroyed 503.04 infrastructure in the city of Triskaidekaphobia. This loss has resulted in your opponent gaining air superiority. Air superiority halves your tank combat value in ground battles. To end your opponent's air superiority you must execute an airstrike that is a success, another player must achieve an immense triumph airstrike on your opponent, or you must destroy all of your opponent's aircraft.
  2. Because my RL impinges upon playing a game must be desertion? Quite apart from the insult, do grow up.
  3. I am well aware it can`t be changed; I was aware of that rule. However, you quoted it sort of does not mention you cannot defend either, giving the attacker a free pass (in other words, it is a bit vague)
  4. I am in vacation mode, but am still getting attacked, losing infra and military I`m a sitting duck, as I can`t respond Could something me sorted out? (and being beiged in vacation mode may still happen)
  5. At the moment, the only way to repel aircraft, is with your own aircraft There do not seem to be any defences against them AT ALL We need some improvement, or maybe a Project, that helps with defense from aircraft attacks (temporary fix, let Navies destroy some aircraft?)
  6. Air attacks killed my ships, but my ships CANNOT destroy any aircraft: I think the system is too much in favour of air attacks, as only aircraft can destroy enemy aircraft
  7. Lemac

    Spies v Spies

    defensive does not seem to lower attacking spies strength at all; the success chances of the attacking spies are still far too high, especially assassinating spies
  8. Attacking spies are too powerful When the daily limit is only building 2 spies, enemy spies are able to kill far too many spies, making defense virtually impossible, and giving them carte blanche to attack as they please This needs changing, as it appears own spies are virtually defenseless v attacking spies; once they kill all your own spies, it is impossible to get sufficient defending spies After getting my spies assassinated in previous wars, 2 days in beige does not let you get enough spies to counter anything: Most of my spies were killed in one attack, then various defenses were destroyed by spies also. Spies are far too powerful, it is making me wonder why I continue to play, as I am defenseless v spies There is just no defence against them
  9. They did not show as fortified
  10. Whilst looking at some war reports, I have come across two nations whose resistance is over 100, even after being attacked and defeated Both those nations are in Argh Alliance (106 and 101 resistance) I thought everyone started with a max of 100 resistance?
  11. My nation is in Africa, where it says the radiation effect is 100%. However, looking at my own Food Production, it says it is greater than 105%: Is this an error, or not. Please explain it, and is there any way to lower it?
  12. I set up a trade to sell gasoline for Alliance only; shortly afterwards I got a trade, but it was from global market. So, I checked global market, and found my sell order had been moved there; I had not moved it, nor set it on global market.
  13. No resource bar here either
  14. I just wish there was somewhere you see what choices you had made, as I cannot remember them, even though they worked out fine
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