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  1. Both. But I assume most alliances require participation in wars. If there are some that don't, let me know. Thanks.
  2. Is there any alliances that don't require participation in raids? I don't mind paying taxes in exchange of protection.
  3. The thing is I assume most people wouldn't accept a surrender. You win a lot more by constantly attacking someone weaker, looting small amounts of money.
  4. @Auctor I assumed that's what you meant, but I wanted to clarify. Then it can be made so surrendered nations don't enter the beige bloc, as it is right now with the peace option.
  5. @rapmanej And in real life ground superiority usually doesn't negate air superiority, but what do we know. This wouldn't be a way of "opting out" of a war. The losing party would lose resources and infrastructure as normal. As for forcing the nation to accept the surrender: the losing party would click the "surrender" option, the winning party would be notified of it, along with the amount of resources and money looted, and that would be it.
  6. What it says on the title. The surrendered nation would give away loot and lose infrastructure as usual. The winning nation would have no choice but to accept the surrender. The surrendered nation should probably be sent away to the beige bloc. As it is right now, not only you have to give away loot and lose infrastructure in the end; you also have to watch the enemy plundering small amounts of money and destroying your infrastructure for the lulz.
  7. I mention it because, in my last war, the agressor's loot seemed particularly low. Not that I wanted them to obtain more loot, of course.
  8. Insult you?! But look who's talking. I do not owe deference beyond usual politeness outside the game to anyone. Nor in the game for that matter.
  9. A bit rich coming from someone who doesn't have a nuclear weapons program.
  10. @Reuben Cheuk "Hanging in the atmosphere, the clouds of debris shut out the sun's heat and light. Across large areas of the Northern Hemisphere it starts to get dark, it starts to get cold. In the centers of large land masses like America or Russia, the temperature drop may be severe, as much as 25 degrees centigrade. Even in Britain, within days of the attack it could fall to freezing or below for long, dark periods." (Threads, 1986)
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