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  1. Wtf how can someone think that leaking will make them trusted Time to reroll again
  2. "Hannibal ad portas" or "Ad portas" (be attacked by a player who has the "Hannibal" achievement) "Rule Brittania" (have 942 ships and be located in Europe) "It's just a scratch" (lose 10 wars consecutively) "Sun Tzu" or "Karma" (win a defensive war) "Dog person" or "Dog lover" (basically the same as the cat achievement but for dogs) "Touch grass" (get to city 30 or play for 2 years) "What is grass ?" (get to city 40 or play for 3 years) "Couped" (change nation leader) "Successful dictator" (be an alliance leader for 1 year consecutively)
  3. I've got some random ideas : "Scuttler" (decommission all your ships while at war) "Rush hour" (have 30 people visit your nation page in 24 hours) "Pacifist" (have no military units for 1 week) "USSR" (have at least 10 nukes in a nation with communist policies) "Time to rebuild" (have lost 20,000 infrastructure in total) "Self-suficient" (be under blockade for 1 week without suffering from starvation or running out of power) "Migrant" (change continent) "It's fine" (lose 8 wars simultaneously) Edit : "Violence breeds violence" (declare a war against someone you were already at war with two times before) "Para bellum" (be fully militarised)
  4. Why is the "Beloved" achievement present two times on the spreadhseet ? Also a small achievement idea : "Rick Rolled" (get rick rolled by having a nation/alliance anthem autoplay on their page)
  5. I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cringe. Maybe both
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