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  1. Licorice

    Let's settle this once and for all

    It taste awesome
  2. Licorice

    Let's settle this once and for all

    You disappoint me, Kurd Go back to your boring single-flavor pizza land It taste really good tho
  3. The debate that has been going ever since 1962, saw the spawn of dozen memes, enemies became friends, friends became enemies, families torn apart as fists fly and screams echo. Like the Cold War, both sides are dug in and there’s a lot of hate and little room for agreement or compromise. Despite the intensity of it all, almost rivaling or maybe even surpass the Cold War itself, the issue simmer down several years back into a period of uncomfortable detente with most confrontations being common flame wars. However, old wounds was opened in the last few years as the skirmishes intensifies into all-out battles and the battlefields of internet-warfare saw actions once again, particularly one Adrian Miranda on the Twitter front. Despite pleas of reasons and co-existence of a tiny minority on both sides, it is clear that peace is now just a distant dream. Today, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the president of Iceland, has officially reignite the Great Pineapple-Pizza War after his desire of banning pineapple topping on pizza became publicly known. I ask you, Orbisians. When the memes start spawning Where does your loyalty lies? The noble Pro-Pineapple master race? Or the filthy Anti-Fruit peasants? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pineapple on pizza is the greatest pizza I've ever eaten and anybody that disagree are Earth's greatest scumbags. Fite me *munch on Hawaiian pizza*
  4. Licorice

    Thoughts and prayers for Sweden

    Saw a post on some site awhile back saying that Trump could've possibly mistook Sehwan, Pakistan (that got suicide-bombed on Friday) for Sweden. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this were true.
  5. Licorice

    Thoughts and prayers for Sweden

    Next 4 years is gonna be fun to watch
  6. Licorice

    Free NRF Take 4!

  7. Licorice

    Why Do Liberals Celebrate Christmas?

    *shrug* like every other non-christian that celebrate Christmas, I guess? Don't know how is it in Murica and Europe but here in Asia Christmas stop being about Jesus's birthday a very, veeery long time ago. Now it's just a common holiday for us to emptied our wallets in shopping trips, gather with friends and families, eat delicious foods, worship Santa and generally have a good time away from the mess that is life. Can't understand why you're not allow to have some fun unless you're liberal/conservative/christian/whatever-shit. Is it a Western-people thing?
  8. Licorice

    Prefontaine, Out.

    Ripperoni and good luck m8y
  9. Licorice

    20% "tax" to pay for the wall

    The rest of the planet watching this shitstorm:
  10. Send me the bank account details and you got a deal
  11. Licorice

    Free NRF!

    Let the world buuurn

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