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  1. Hollow knight pantheon was harder than this war smh
  2. Greetings, I am the Emperor of Eden sending my regards and with it the announcement of a new age for the old is dead. This current world is exploitive and wrecked by nuclear fire and rage. Every time a new person joins the game of Politics and war they are seen as nothing more than another country to throw at the enemy or to spam with false promises of 'glory and free cash as they will help you and the only ones who can help you!' That is nothing more than lies to use to gain their trust so they can add to the causalities of war and fuel that machine of war. With that I wish to remake a new age where the new have a chance to be strong and the strong don't toss another new country into war and let them deal with the finances that come with it. So hear me Orbis. If I do become strong enough, I will sway the politics to more new player friendly where it spamming 100rds of messages on false promises and then adding them to a alliance that renders them cannon fodder with a foundation built on lies and false trusts. That is all. -Emperor Of Eden
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