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  1. Huh didn't know that, probably explains things. However those two from ages ago are not favourited. Also if you open up those old messages, they have no contents:
  2. I definitely have more than 3 messages. Two of those messages are from 2015/2016 - I've definitely received messages between then and 2022. Some sort of bug / glitch I guess. 😕
  3. Cool - never knew this, thanks!
  4. I'm never around at update time because I'm usually asleep. This means I end up missing out on all the fun of update attacks during wars. I'd love if each player could manually set their update time to a different time of the day. This would also make alliance wars more interesting, because surprise attacks could come at any time of the day! It would also reduce server load at update time.
  5. He's right, but it is expensive. In the short run for small nations, it's better to buy infra. Also join an alliance so all that infra doesn't get destroyed by casual raiders.
  6. Ishmael


  7. The nation api currently does not include the treasures currently held by a nation: https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Nation_API Proposal: Add another key to the nations api "treasures". The value should be a list of treasures the nation currently holds. Optional extra: would be nice to have a separate api that lists which nation is currently holding which treasure, and also the bonus that the treasure provides. EDIT: Turns out you can do both the above with api v3 (graphql), so once that gets general access, this wont be necessary.
  8. Currently the City/Project Timer Reset costs 4 credits. You get the best return if you buy it immediately after buying your previous city/project. However, if you wait a few days, it becomes less and less attractive. Proposal: - Change it to "Reduce City/Project Timer" - Cost = 1 credit - Effect = reduce city/project timer by 30 turns The total cost of reseting the timer from 10 days to 0 will still be the same 120 / 30 = 4 credits. However, it will remain an attractive item to purchase for the entire 10 day period instead of only at the start of that 10 day period.
  9. Interesting, didn't realise it was intentional. Maybe a different metric should be used then. For example, infra destroyed is a stat that will only increase in an active war. Also, even if they don't count towards the project limit, I still think there should be some stat that tracks expired wars. For example maybe list "Wars Expired" in the nation stats under "Wars Won" and "Wars Lost". Currently expired wars simply vanish from the records entirely.
  10. A common tactic in alliance conflicts is to let wars expire even if you are winning. This avoids incrementing your opponent's beige counter, giving them less time to recover before they get hit again. However, these wars are not counted as either won or lost in the Nation Stats, and therefore don't count towards the 100 wars won/lost required to unlock an additional project slot. This is not really fair, since often these wars were hard and tactically fought - they deserve to be counted. Proposal: A new nation stat "Total Wars" which includes expired wars When total wars >= 100, the +1 project slot is unlocked
  11. Ishmael


    Don't like this idea. Banks and alliance loans are already widespread in the game. Also, repayments should not be mechanically enforced. Players defaulting on debt increases the complexity of the game and makes lending more realistic. It forces lenders to take default risk into account and drives player interactions (threats of war to ensure repayment etc). Also, if repayments were mechanically enforced, whales would become financial monsters, because they wouldn't invest in cities anymore. Upper tier cities have such low ROI that it is always preferable to lend to new nations. If there was no default risk and repayments were assured, whales would just stop buying cities entirely and only lend. Upper tier cities are a big money sink and vital to the game's economic stability, because they help keep inflation in check (at least somewhat...). So if this was implemented, inflation would probably spiral out of control, causing all sorts of problems!
  12. I think it would be cool if people could "hire" soldiers from somebody else, on a cost per soldier per day basis. The person lending the soldiers would have those soldiers listed as "abroad", and they would subtract from the lender's total soldier limit, but be unavailable for defence. Both the lender and the borrower could break the contract and send the soldiers home at any time. Additions: On the borrower's nation, the soldiers should be listed as belonging to the lender, so any attackers know who to blame for a sudden increase in soldiers! A change like this might be made more relevant by increasing the time it takes to get to max army without borrowing.
  13. This is a great feature! I especially like that a link to the treaty text is included as an option. Thank you!
  14. Excellent newspaper, very informative - especially the interview with Seb. I hope you keep a record of these newspaper issues on the wiki? These will no doubt be an important source of historical information for the Orbis community one day.
  15. Great work! Having a newspaper makes it much easier to keep up with what's happening on Orbis. How did this happen? Are they supposed to be much bigger?
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