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  1. -Alpha flashbacks- You would end the war because it got boring. Can't convince your coalition to stay with you if the effort is pointless. Small groups can maintain suppression: Alpha managed to internally keep their morale and justify a bottom-tier mudsling fest under the reasoning that even if they weren't making any money, Syndi was making decreased money and their allies could perhaps get ahead. I guess if y'all are willing to stay down we have no choice but to keep going anyways despite reasons to stop Also it's bad manners tbh EDIT: realized he meant us, tweaked it a little
  2. We can't avoid being pretentious if we're talking about Nietzsche So in this case, we take Syndisphere to have created a master-morality arising from their definition of themselves/their actions as good. Evidence for this is found in the 'git gud' and 'winning' phenomena, as well as the warfare/economic guides they are publishing based on what worked for them. They cultivate traits in their alliances that they have seen as crucial to their success, such as game activity and skill in war. They are dismissive of others who cannot develop these same tools. Then, Paracov/Inquisition etc. are battling it with a slave-morality arising from their definition of their opponents as evil, stemming from their ressentiment of Syndisphere's power. Evidence would be found in their characterization of Syndisphere as oppressive to the game state. Valued Syndisphere traits are turned into evil ones: strong allied ties = hegemoney, game activity = no life, strong FA/published guides to economic and military success = OWF circle-jerking. Nietzsche views this as corrupt, as really the slave would prefer to be the master, but because he cannot he is only self-justifying. Nietzsche finds fault in master morality as well (calling it 'unintelligent') and calls for an overall transvaluation of values stemming from an analysis and appreciation of life (the game?) itself (not sure how this transvaluation can come to Orbis). I don't know about much about Gramsci, but from what I gather his theory is interesting but implies an ultimately 'correct' value system (he liked Marxism), which is why I think I prefer Nietzsche who is much more ambivalent about it.
  3. Hey do you any of you read Nietzsche? I just got assigned his Genealogy of Morals and the discourse on master/slave morality seem to have some interesting connections to this thing about how Syndi set up the culture [iC] also roq sucks [/iC]
  4. I am uneducated and would like to know about these sekrit FA goingson I'm not good at phrasing things constructively, but this statement is vapid and offers nothing. Your earlier points were clearly protesting against reps, and offering a way to evaluate when reps should be demanded. This was interesting and debatable, and though I tended to agree with Thrax I would've learned something. Now that you claim that these posts are not about "whether reps are right or wrong, and when they should be demanded", you are devaluing/diminishing everything you have said so far, and reducing it to simply "BK had an enforcement mechanism during the silent war that neither side has at this point in time", a point which no one contradicted, and a point which very few will care about, because it was only relevant in the context of your evaluation of reps.
  5. I believe Yang is referring to the test server, where the optimal strategy was to log in every turn to collect your N/12th worth of units. Sure the buys stack over time, but in a game like PnW where a couple hundred units make the difference it was just better to be maxed at all times. Actually, when we implemented this system it made the problem worse because you would edge out any opponent who could only log in maybe 2-3 times a day, which is what currently is considered 'active'.
  6. Just saw this--I have no idea about Pantheon, but I'm pretty sure every t$ nation (except for two in VM) was involved in 3 defensive wars by the second/third day of the war. JR sent out a memo about it. Then we also had many offensive wars, so yeah. Not really sure what you mean by this
  7. A breakup? Inb4 Partisan with his Taylor Swift songs
  8. I believe this proposal was already suggested and went as far to be implemented on the test server. I didn't like it, but I forgot why (it's been a while)
  9. We at the $yndicate approve of any capitalism roleplay, but this is especially good. o/ The Fed
  10. Just wanted to update y'all on the state of Filip's nation lmao Yes Filip. That moment indeed.
  11. meh, 2/10 shttalking. i expect better from a veteran like you, Kastor
  12. Silly me. Didn't consider that you guys would be scared of our peacetime build I guess there can never be a political solution/mutual military decommission because the Syndicate is considered by their opponents to be militarized and ready to strike even in times of peace. Seriously, what do you reasonably want us to do?
  13. Can confirm that we were only told to half-militarize (build soldiers now on top of your peacetime planes, that's it), and only 2-3 days before the war's onset. If the hypothesis was that a Syndisphere blitz was immediate and incoming... at any rate it probably wasn't going to include the Syndicate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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