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  1. Alex

    Veteran returns

    Welcome back!
  2. Alex

    Baseball Needs Some Tweaking

    Baseball is by far the least important aspect of the game, and I'm not going to spend any more development time on it. Furthermore, Home games make a lot more money by design. That's the point - to encourage a lot more people to host home games than to play away games, because one person can play through 60 home games in 60 seconds. Since this is a gravedig, I'm locking this thread as I've stated I won't be changing anything anyway.
  3. Alex

    Multi Account/Farming

    Thank you, the accounts in question have been banned.
  4. Alex

    Inappropriate name

    Thank you for the report, that nation has been removed.
  5. Hello everyone, Even after doubling our server size recently, we are still struggling with excessive load times due to excessive load on the server. I believe that the source of this excessive load currently is due to heavy usage of the API endpoints. If you are unfamiliar with the game's API, then you can pretty much ignore the rest of this post as it's aimed at API users and will not impact you. First, I understand that the API is poorly designed, poorly optimized, and all around needs to be completely re-done and expanded upon. It's near the top of my to-do list, I am finishing my undergraduate degree this semester and post-graduation I will be spending my time working on the game and will start getting big projects like re-factoring the API done. However, in the meantime, the excessive load on the server is unacceptable. As a result, I am taking a blunt force action to curb the strain on the server until I can set up a proper API system. Beginning at 12:00 AM server time 3/18/2019 all API endpoints will require your API key to work. This should give everyone a few days to get their ducks in a row before the change occurs. There may be bugs as it hasn't been thoroughly tested on all of the pages; if there are report them in the Tech Support subforum and I will have them quickly resolved. API endpoints that already require your API key are not being changed by this update. I am also reducing the number of API requests per user per day. The standard number of calls has been reduced from 10,000 to 2,000 and the number of calls for VIP users has been reduced from 999,999 to 5,000. When the API is refactored this will be changed to a rate limit instead of a daily limit, however I am simply working with the existing interface because I do not have time to rewrite the entire system currently. I understand this is a significant decrease in the number of calls allowed. However, there are 15 API endpoint pages, if you call each of them every 5 minutes every hour per day, that's only 4,320 calls per day, which easily falls within the VIP limit. Realistically, you shouldn't need to call each page every 5 minutes anyway. As-is, the two highest request users are just barely reaching over 2,000 calls per day, with an average of the top 10 users being 764.7 calls, a median of 507, and a range of 1962. I understand not all calls are being recorded here, but the point is that for the average API user this should not be a significant limitation. The point of this update is to curb usage of the API, and by creating a scarcity I am hoping to discourage people from making too many calls and causing ridiculous load times for regular users. Yes, it's a poor fix, but as I've stated it is a temporary solution until I have the time to properly refactor the API. I did not want to have to do this, but it seems to me a necessary sacrifice given the conditions the game is currently operating under. If you have any questions, please ask below.
  6. Alex

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    For the sake of transparency, I am going to post logs from a similar but unrelated moderation action I took today (just now, really.) This is essentially the same type of process that was followed for Pantheon's leader situation, with some obvious differences because it's a different situation. In this case, I restored The United Empire of ZahAharon's bank because the guy who stole is had multiple nations and was in violation of the game rules. I.E. He cheated to steal it, so the alliance shouldn't be punished because he cheated. Screenshot of the bank records for transparency: The alliance used to facilitate the transfers: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5372 The other multi nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=155866
  7. Alex

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I agree, I would not arbitrarily force someone out of Vacation Mode. While I do not really believe they were on a vacation in this case, I would never make the assumption that someone is abusing Vacation Mode and force them to leave early (as that could have really awful consequences if they were suddenly away from the game for 14+ days, thinking their nation was protected, when it was not. That would be very unfair when they came back to a destroyed nation because I made an arbitrary judgement call.)
  8. Alex

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Yes it is. If you're in Vacation Mode you can't manage alliance permissions or do anything. Your nation is frozen, so effectively there is no leader. In cases where there is no leader (it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. It is the point of the Heir position after all, that if there is an inactive or no leader they can promote themselves and take care of things) if the active members of the alliance request it, I'll appoint someone to the leadership spot so that the alliance isn't basically defunct (i.e. they don't have to all leave the alliance and startover, which would be a huge pain.) It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen (maybe once every few months) and this is how I've always handled it. In this case I just appointed the most senior nation in the alliance to the leadership spot, which is about as fair of a determination as I can make for who ought to be leader. Yeah, that would be a good fail-safe restriction to put in place. EDIT: And just to be clear, I don't care if you guys coup each other as long as it's within the rules. Most of the time when a coup happens, it's an obvious multi and they get banned and I undo the action (same with alliance bank stealing) because the rules were broken in the execution of the plan, which just isn't fair to the victims if someone else can cheat and steal all their stuff/alliance. In this case, I did thoroughly check the "couping" nation to make sure they were not a multi, did not find them in violation of any rules (and therefore I did not punish them, or even remove them as a leader) I just simply appointed another leader who was active so that the alliance was not stuck with an inactive leader, which as I've said is standard procedure. And regardless of whether someone is logging in or not, if they're in Vacation Mode I'd consider them inactive. VM nations have no ability to manage the alliance and their nations are frozen, so their usefulness is indistinguishable from a truly inactive nation, hence why I appointed another leader to manage things in their absence.
  9. Alex


    We can't moderate what happens outside of the official P&W discord server. If you feel that his messages violate Discord's Terms of Service, I'd recommend filing a report with them. I will investigate the in-game messages, in the mean-time I'd recommend using the "Block Communications" link in each message if you would like to prevent them from sending you further messages. --- After a quick investigation, that nation has been banned. Thank you for you report. For handling them in Discord, if we find them in the P&W Discord server we will ban them from there, but I can't stop anyone from sending you DMs on Discord and/or ban people from other servers. I would recommend just blocking them on Discord, and/or filing a report with Discord if you think the offense is serious enough.
  10. Alex

    Likely Multi

    Well that's not against the rules.
  11. Alex

    Hey there

    Welcome to the game!
  12. Alex

    Likely Multi

    Is there any evidence of rule-breaking activity? It's not against the rules for multiple different people to play from the same network.
  13. That's not correct. The reduction in New Player Bonus happens instantaneously (though it technically isn't realized until the next turn change, but your revenue page will update immediately.) Maybe it's something else then, perhaps your alliance increased their tax rates and you're not factoring that change into your net income calculation? Maybe you started a war - being at war increases your military upkeep costs significantly.
  14. Alex

    Racism on Orbis

    I think from the Moderation Support perspective, this issue is resolved. If you'd like to continue your debate on who is and isn't racist or w/e, you're welcome to start a group PM or move to Discord, etc. To ensure that me and the mods can easily navigate these subforums for reports and support requests, I'm going to lock this thread so that we're not alerted to unimportant replies/new posts.
  15. Alex

    Unjustly Banned

    From what I can tell this ban was justified - two accounts were being operated by the same person which is strictly against the Game Rules.

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