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  1. Alex

    Flaming Splash into Orbis

  2. Alex

    $0 credits

    I think it was probably just a temporary display error, as the average price is pulled using JSON from an API endpoint. If that returned an error or something, it would have just defaulted to $0. Here's the computed average prices for Credits from the last 10 days, there is like 1 trade at $0/each for 1 Credit, so I do not believe the real average price was ever $0.
  3. Alex

    IP address bans for alliances

    If he's banned (which this apples/oranges player has) he's already IP banned from the entire game, not just your alliance. If you want to collect your alliance member's IP addresses, there's really no reason you can't do that already.
  4. Alex

    Possible multi

    The nations have been banned, thanks for your report.
  5. Alex

    Inappropriate Name

    I've sent him a message telling him that that is not an appropriate city name and changed it myself.
  6. I added the cash to my nation manually and then removed the resources manually after I bought them.
  7. Alex


    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here
  8. Alex

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Yes, see earlier post:
  9. That's a really awful design strategy for a game developer to pursue Make things as hard as possible to drive away as many new players as possible? Seeing the color isn't hard, it's just unintuitive. A new player isn't going to quickly realize that beige = protection, whereas "protected status" very intuitively suggests that you're protected.
  10. Alex

    Multi Report

    I don't see sufficient evidence of the accounts being multis to take any action at this point.
  11. Where are you seeing the error? I agree that where it says "population density" in the disease formula it would read "infrastructure * 100 / land" but I don't know where you're looking at this to fix it. If it's on the wiki, you should be able to just edit the page and fix it yourself.
  12. This doesn't appear to be a bug, instead things appear to be working correctly. A 5% reduction bonus is being applied, it just occurs after the project cost reduction. City with no reduction = $248,425,000 City with project reduction = $98,425,000 City with project reduction, then 5% off = $93,503,750 $248,425,000 - $93,503,750 = $154,921,250 in savings > $150,000,000
  13. This idea is effectively just a quality of life improvement. I think the idea of a Color Trade Bloc preventing your nation from being declared on is unintuitive. This proposal is simply to remove the color Beige from the game, and instead add a new separate mechanic for nations to simply be "Protected." It would work exactly the same as Beige (no one can declare war on you, you would lose it if you declared an offensive war, new nations would be marked as "Protected" for 14 days, nations losing a war would get time under "Protected" status.) Benefits to this change would be: More intuitive / easier learning curve for new players New nations can participate in Color Trade Blocs without losing protection Less newbies will accidentally open themselves up to raiding early on Protected status could come with it's own income bonus similar to the existing Color Trade Bloc bonus for Beige. Again, the idea isn't to actually change how the game is played at all, just simplify things and help newbies help themselves.
  14. Alex

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    I really like this idea and the amount of thought you've put into it. This is a complex system, but I think it would be a lot of fun. One thought though, is that if it's Color Trade Bloc based (which I like) are the treasures still assigned to individual nations? Would it perhaps make more sense for this to be a new feature entirely, called something else aside from Treasures, and Color Trade Bloc specific?

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