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  2. June 07, 2019 Hey I just wanted to make sure that you saw our email from last week, because it's kind of a huge deal. While over 50 bills have been passed and signed into law in states around the country this year, a week ago today was by far the biggest deal: the Illinois State Legislature passed a bill to legalize marijuana and its regulated sale to adults. Read more below and as always, thanks for your support! Justin Strekal NORML Political Director The shift away from tyranny is spreading with legalization, neither political party can stop it now. I know people in their 50s who would never try it when illegal, despite on different meds for anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression & pain. They try medical marijuana for the first time & are amazed to see it cures all their symptoms without hangover symptoms after. Also limited research shows it can help cure cancer and prevent its spread. The tyranny of those wanting to criminalize the use of this wonder all natural medicine is finally almost over. Full legalization is the only logical future for progress. Either Republicans get behind it or Democrats capitalize on it if they don’t at this point.

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