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  1. Novarus

    Egyptian Ascension & End of Empyria/Arrgh Hostility

    I think I will call this war the 24 hour war.
  2. Novarus

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    Nothin wrong with a good ol yuengling
  3. Novarus

    Nation score chart not recording

    OK thanks Alex.
  4. Making this topic to report that there's no data for my nation score chart since November 3rd 2018. It just has a straight line between then and today.
  5. Novarus

    A Camelot Announcement: Shadow’s Rebuild War

    Treaty was signed with invisible ink. I think that is what was meant.
  6. Paperless forever!
  7. Salt for the Salt God.
  8. Novarus

    Bad Pacifists

  9. Novarus

    Ape and NK

    Congratulations to Yeets and Krudd and best wishes going forward!
  10. Novarus

    Congratulations to Roquentin

    You could even expand this out into BK + Chola + BOC + CS + Lord
  11. Novarus

    Something Dynamic™

    I guess we'll finally be getting this war out of our systems
  12. Novarus

    The war so far - v3

    It's already happening.
  13. Novarus

    Cornerstone Announcement


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