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  2. Can’t wait to see all the dead Starks killing the women and children in the crips.
  3. Emperor Jed, The Great

    Describe the above's profile picture

    The turtle is all. All is the turtle.
  4. If you could beat up someone who is now dead when they were alive, who would it be and why?
  5. Today
  6. Nope. Danny dies next episode, Jon leads his army against King’s landing and wins, taking his rightful place on the iron throne. Also Jamie kills the Night King. Cersei dies in childbirth, and Sansa becomes Warden of the North.
  7. Radoje


    I am not saying you cannot make profit with small sums, I am saying it's not worth your time. If you're making 50mil of profit a week, you're still making profit, but it's simply not a sum that's worth your time. If you're not capable of attracting large investors and pushing up your scale quickly, you'll find yourself with months of time invested and no feasible return, because you cannot compete with larger banks. Sure, you can still go ahead and strike out on your own as a tiny banker, but I simply don't recommend it.
  8. Azaghul

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    The early stage of the war is by far the most destructive, when people are loosing expensive infra and are most likely to be going in fully armed up. Half or a little over half the damage done last war was done in the first two weeks. After that it's a slow slog and mostly fun for the most active people who in a position to fight the guerrilla war and enjoy it. But for the most part the loosing alliances can choose how much of their resources they invest into fighting back, there isn't any way to force people to buy stuff that can get destroyed.
  9. Not betting anything but what’s going to happen is Jon is going to give up his claim to the Iron Throne in return for the north gaining (keeping its independence) Danny gets the throne and 6 of the 7 kingdoms with the north a stalwart ally.
  10. Ivan (Uzume)

    22 Multis!

  11. That video was on of the best things I've seen on PW, lol. Congrats.
  12. Prefontaine

    Numbers fun

    Well, you do have experience with clogging the treaty web from your alliances run at the top so it should be easy for you to spot. That being said kudos on being an independent sphere now a-days, just be careful about throwing too much shade about that sort of thing. If BK cut Solar, Polaris burns to the ground (3 ties to cut on either side), and Afrika Korps cut Electric Space, that would break up the cluster quite a bit. Hopefully leaders of these alliances, and alliances connected to them make moves that will result in a full break versus treaty line dancing.
  13. Chapsie


    Yeah, I had unattended scandalous women running around and they didn't like that. We were marched straight to rebirth.
  14. Madness ensues 


    1. Rimski


      Spongebob is like the best, I still enjoy watching it, but imagine if spongebob lived in a .... BONG lmao

  15. Chapsie

    Mountainia draining market resources?

    Artificial regulation, I noticed coal was expensive today. Interesting.
  16. Prezyan

    Mountainia draining market resources?

    Yeah those are some big buys. Not too sus though but still interesting.
  17. Olive Penderghast

    Alliance Affairs Suggestion

    Hey guys, I suggested to the rest of moderation team, and after approval given to put this up to a vote, I'd like to see what you guys think. I have always noticed one complaint that seems to be consistent. Alliance Affairs. I see people complain its disorganized, new alliance taking space and etc. and I been thinking of ways to fix the issue that still allows new alliances to be able to still post but keep the Alliance Affairs forums more organized. So here is what I suggested. Dedicated subforums, while Alliance Affairs will be used for General Announcements, we would also have subforums for Treaty Announcements, one for War Declaration/Peace Agreements, Alliance Declaration of Existence. We could have more if you guys want. However Alex suggested something else. Starting a Tag system. This would make it where we still use one category, Alliance Affairs however use tags. For example, in the title would look like "[Treaty]Alliance A signs a <treaty type> with Alliance B". Either system would work. For me I prefer the dedicated subforums but ultimately, you the community are who use this forums so we decided to give you the option to choose. If you prefer the current one, you can even vote for that. This is just an idea I think that will bring organization to the Alliance Affairs category and hopefully make it easier for you guys to view which topics you would like to to view and which ones you do not like and if you have any concerns or ideas, please comment below and we can discuss your ideas as well.
  18. Chapsie

    Multi Account

    This guy applied to us and me and @Prezyan noticed a multi in the process. Nothing sus yet. EDIT: the multi disappeared which is interesting. Probs logged in somewhere else.
  19. Verano

    Join the Soup Kitchen!

    MY KITCHEN ’tis of thee, Sweet Soup of liberty, Of thee I sing. Home of a boiling pride, Where glorious chefs reside, From every table side, Let freedom ring!
  20. Will there be a second round of betting for those of us who are waiting to binge the whole season? Asking for a friend.
  21. Hey everyone, To celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones, House Stark is doing a betting event on various predictions throughout Season 8. We will attempt to make this a weekly event and we will also make a few bets that will last season wide. Here are the ground rules for each bet: 1. One choice/entry per person for each pool. 2. You are allowed to pick any character for each question. If you for some reason decide that Robert Baratheon will sit on the iron throne at the end of season 8, that is your choice. 3. Winner takes all. If multiple people pick the same outcome, the winnings will be split proportionally based on each person's initial wager. 4. The weekly bets and season long bets will be specified. The minimum entry for the weekly bets is 5 million. The minimum entry to the season long bet is 10 million. 5. It is encouraged but not required to enter into all of the betting pools. If you wish to skip a bet put in N/A. 6. "No one" or "none" are valid predictions. A signup sheet can be found below if you are interested in participating. Please send all wagers to the House Stark bank. Once sent, please message Darth Revan to confirm your entry. A google sheet will be made to track all entries and will be posted before each episode with all of the entries and pool totals. If you are not caught up on Game of Thrones and do not want any sort of spoilers, please ignore this announcement and do not click on the google form. Signup sheet: https://forms.gle/xqsryYbdyAiqSpEC9 If you have any questions, contact Darth Revan. Thanks, House Stark
  22. Prezyan


    Just replace Approval with War Support, hoi4 style. 100% you get good bonuses, 50% you get nothing, and 0%, well you probably shouldn't be fighting any wars. But tying approval into production is imo a bad.
  23. Chapsie

    it me

    It you! Welcome to Orbis!
  24. Chapsie


    Unfortunately this isn't the forum for suggestions, I'm not mod but I can direct you to: here, where the rest of the shitty suggestions go. In all reality, I'd recommend observing the dynamics of the community a little and getting to know what's really going on with all of that. This idea would decrease the amount of wars in the game which will stagnate politics and ultimately break the game. Although interesting in it's own right, I don't think it would work on the grand scale.
  25. Sisyphus


    I may have an approval rating of -400 but in my unbiased opinion I think this idea is horrible.
  26. MinesomeMC

    Water to quench my thirst

    Oh God Alex is gonna break the game agian.
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