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[RoH] The Unthinkable


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10 hours ago, MinesomeMC said:


Today 00:46 (Central European Standard Time) - Multiple reports of gunshots and explosions in several port cities with GATO. 

Today 00:48 - Multiple amphibious vehicles land in GATO port cities and beaches. Hostile Aircraft enter GATO airspace. 

Today 00:51 - Gunfire abrupts in GATO port cities, Multiple hostile vehicle and aircraft cross into Sunray Victoria. Border towns and military bases of both nations report gunfire and explosions. 

Today 00:59 - Hostile Aircraft enter Sunray Victorian Airspace. Major cities within Sunray Victoria bombed. A state of war has been confirmed.


TL;DC - Sunray Victoria recognizes hostilities with Arrgh, Ayyslamic Caphilate, 99942 Apophis, and other coalition members.


The tS flag is a little bit to the west of where it should be 👍


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