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2020 PnW Academy Awards


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3 minutes ago, KindaEpicMoah said:

What happened to worst alliance leader of the year? Can we still make that an award? 

We wanted to keep things more positive with the awards so we didn't include it in our categories but yes, you can nominate it and if it is one of the top 5, it will be included. We can consider your post here the nomination since it's already being upvoted to be included 😄 

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Just now, PurpleElefante said:

Best new player maybe?

Worst new player - Padoru

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Cry harder

Wanted dead or alive for the following crimes:

Thoughts of attempting rebellion, leaking, being a femboy, being a weeb

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1 minute ago, Montiform said:

Alliance representatives = Gov? @Adrienne

Most alliances choose a gov member to represent them but it doesn't have to be necessarily. Anyone belonging to your alliance that your alliance wants to have represent them is fine.

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