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  1. Just leave us alone, it had nothing to do with you, that’s for sure.
  2. After a year and a half of a very volatile existence, Atlantian Council is merging into Sanctuary. That's all, love y'all. (yay micro politics)
  3. Oo gotta love swimming and fighting, two of my fav things.
  4. Things that I found out today: 1. Crunch hates me for some reason 2. There was a pink moon last night
  5. Affected* but nice, love to hear about new radio shows!
  6. Hey Jaden, first of all I want to commend you on the post itself, grammar was almost completely on point and the writing actually had some structure lol. I’m just gonna say that I’ve also had a lot of burn out with helping run a smaller alliance, cuz man they’re way more work than they’re worth. From your conclusion, I’m getting the vibes that you’re planning or want to take a break from this junk for a bit, and you definitely should. Your mental health is much more important than this game. Stay safe ❤️
  7. *cough* Fake elefante. Anyway, I’ll miss ya bawss, good luck in life and college and everything else. I might’ve aggressively corrected your grammar but you were definitely better than some. Adios, farewell, don’t do drugs, stay in school, all that junk. ❤️
  8. https://youtu.be/eYAQeV9Z00M Good luck y’all!
  9. There’s nothing to *fix*. They’ve stated the entire voting process already on multiple occasions, and just because you were nominated doesn’t mean you made it to the final shortlist. The voting in between was done in private with just one representative per alliance for the top 50 alliances and 10 top protectorates (correct me if I’m wrong). Your name didn’t get on the list because other nominations were more popular in the private voting. You’ll see the results from that when these awards are over (I believe) so just shake it off, don’t get salty, and move on with your life
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