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  1. I have a Star Wars the Clone Wars theme https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=158176
  2. Definition of Swamp 4. A bunch of incompetent bloated micro tax farms + Ampersand
  3. Can’t tell if this is a troll or someone who hasn’t looked at the game in 3 years
  4. Lawsi give me "That little prick" achievement
  5. First of all, who posts about an ODoAP? And second of all, micros dont post treaties on forums...
  6. Congratulations Benfro, and good luck with your retirement Adrienne!!
  7. Damn this brings back the times when I exaggerated Parrish’s New World Order Cult thing. Micro drama is the best.
  8. Also, why even bother with the fake ss? People get nuked all the time. Maybe your members should‘ve thought about that beforehand...
  9. Another stupid from OD. Wonder what they’ll do next. Steal more opsec from your allies? Or spy away your prot’s nukes?
  10. Honestly it’s just a game, no one should have to apologize for playing the game how they want to play it. Cam gets such a bad rep for what they do, but they don’t deserve so much hate from the community. I will say though, it’s cool that they publicly apologized.
  11. Because it can be. Also, why would you buy hentai? I wouldn't know myself but it seems to be available to the masses of horny children.
  12. You don't get upvotes when you have spelling errors
  13. The past is the past, and we are moving forward from it. However, rolling tCW would be fun... as long as I get to watch from the sidelines...
  14. Mwahahahahaha-- wait what now
  15. Welcome good sir, hope you find this game and community to be enjoyable!
  16. Shut up no one cares about your dumb nation
  17. Roxchean Confederations, a small ex camelot micro
  18. Is this another one of those posts similar to that Blitzers dude a while back?
  19. Well, I'm sure that Politics and War will show up higher on the "country building game" search results as more people show up. Even if people don't stay, it should at least generate more interest in the category.
  20. Good luck, and also Vader didn't roll u haha
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