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  1. Alex, with all respect, I’m going to 100% disagree with you on this. This is not my specific war, but I am personally coming off of six wars this round. Started with 2 attrition offensives, which were immediately followed by 2 Raid and 1 attrition defensives…so I declared a 3rd attrition offensive. I can only manufacture 1 nuke and 2 missiles per day = 3 total attacks per day across 6 wars. So who do I fight? Now I’ve fought probably close to 500 wars since 2019, if not more, when counting the endless number of time out wars during the 9 month Dial Up/NPOLT global. When constrained by the number of attacks you can make in a given day, 1 tactic can be that you fight the weakest nations in the group as your priority. Another can be that you spread your attacks around. Another can be that you fight the highest infra attrition wars as a priority. Sometimes I concentrate on the 3 defensives if I can get them to fight and it’s the correct war type where it makes statistical sense to focus there. Everything is situational But as far as slot filling is concerned, that has never, ever been applied to the losing conventional side declaring a war and not attacking immediately….because there is no path to attack that leads to anything but utter failure…when you can only make 3 calculated missile/nuke attacks across 6-7 wars in any given day. It has always applied, to my recollection, to a losing side taking on friendly defensive wars where THEY don’t attack, allowing you to rebuild where you otherwise would not be able to. As a side note….Am I the only one seeing irony in a BK nation complaining about slot filling while being on the the dominant conventional side in this conflict….when that same alliance literally sat on the entire game along with NPO throughout all of 2019 and into early 2020? This is the same thing they did back then in using moderation as a weapon, to which YOU made a new game rule against at the time. You can’t make this stuff up. Why do I still play this game when the war metrics are this badly broken and the moderation decisions are completely arbitrary? EDIT: I’ll tell you what. My nation number is 160467. Please look up my active war log. One of my defensives declared on me 4 days ago. There was a brief volley on the 14th before my military fell across the 5 open wars I had at that time. He then only attacked once on the 15th and didn’t attack me again until today…3x coincidentally right after I made this post. I haven’t been able to do anything to him at all to this point because I had other higher value priorities that just cleared up this afternoon. Is he slot filling me in that situation? Or maybe that makes me the slot filler because I didn’t have the resources to fight until now? This makes absolutely no sense.
  2. Yea. And then Swamp rolled The Coal Mines for 40 straight days and launched a new war on the exact turn that the previous defeat occurred to uphold the endless blockade. People got so bored after your scores dropped into the C10 attack range that they literally stopped attacking out of pity. I’ve had numbers 1, 3 and 4 of your examples occur in this war. Now I want to try to see if I can make the 2 wars on the same nation thing happen. Didn’t know about that one until this post.
  3. Yea. The nuke suicide thing? It’s kind of funny when war after war it is the same alliance complaining to the moderator whether they win or lose. Imho, it’s too bad if they don’t like my $200m damage nuke wars when it’s literally the only move I have after being hit unmilitarized and sat on for 2 1/2 weeks. Loving my total damage stat and positive net in this one though. 😂 How about changing the metric where planes don’t take 50% of your $65,000,000 tank line off the battlefield just because they managed to get a lucky IT in an airstrike when the attacker loses more planes than the defender? Individual wars are now often over on that basis alone. Total nonsense.
  4. I do not grant you permission to speak on my behalf. IMPOSTOR!
  5. I want a leadership position if I join. None of that low gov nonsense. I’ve never done FA, but I’d like to give that a try.
  6. Yes it is. And on behalf of Andromeda I would like to say that Orbis should be very concerned. We aren’t messing around.
  7. Good for you Buck. Showed him! What was the alliance bank looting worth? Had to be a fortune.
  8. Kaz


    2 in the same alliance, one in a stand alone offshore as a raider. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=248616
  9. Here ya go…$45m to his Capitol city just so he has to look at it each time he opens his nation page. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of Holy Federation of Erika led by Robert2424. The attack destroyed 1,750.00 infrastructure in the city of Enrika, and killed approximately 174,773 people, you monster! You also destroyed a factory and a drydock, plus 250 tanks, plus 5 ships.
  10. @Robert2424 is this really your nation history? That’s quite the war pedigree you’ve got there. Impressive indeed.
  11. I say good for you all. Protect your own. Anyone with half a brain can see this isn’t an offensive minded move. It’s clearly one designed to offer mutual protection to 2 spheres who were rolled in their last respective conflicts. Neither of these spheres are known for offensively launching globals. Just by the tiering count, the only count that matters, I’d venture that your low and mid tiers are completely safe, anything by above 22/23 would face a significant headwind in a wider conflict. Not sure what everyone commenting here is crying about other than having to now rework whatever nefarious attack plans they may have had against these blocs.
  12. I don’t get it. What credible alliance doesn’t also use an offshore or well protected outside bank to guard the mother load? Alliance level bank values are meaningless except when the occasional 1-2% extra looting against happens after a member loses a war. Hence the reason the offshore exists in the first place. I’m with @Valkorion Baratheon on making additional API info available, though. There are tons of useful things that Alex could add to the game if he wanted to.
  13. RIP TLE. Had a good time working with you all back in the day. Sorry to see you go.
  14. I’m glad to see this one finally gaining some legs. I suggested something very similar to help the smaller nations get back on their feet following the Dial Up war. I personally feel this should be an ongoing project beyond C5. It doesn’t necessarily need to be 1 extra unit. A simple 25-50% production increase could get it done without throwing the game out of equilibrium of raw vs manufacturing.
  15. OR you could have used the Queen’s English and typed You’re, short for You are, to be grammatically correct here on these hallowed Orbis forums. Where’s @Adrienne dictionary to back me up? Can’t make this stuff up. Haha.
  16. Rule #1. When losing the argument and the war, insult your opponent’s intelligence for up clicks from your own alliance. Well, back during Knightfall and Papers Please we didn’t play this way I’ll have you know! 😂
  17. I just want to make sure I’m reading this right. The alliance who left Quack, formed Hollywood, and launched another trillion + dollar global, all straddling the same day change turn, actually has the balls to call somebody else shady? Let’s ignore the fact that they were unmilitarized too! Wow. Just...plain...wow! Thinking I need some of that meta weed you’re smokin’! **The views expressed in this program do not represent the opinions of our staff or management here at WABC radio or any of our affiliates.**
  18. Yea, I’ve been wondering the same. After 2 1/2 years of analysis, I believe this means that certain forum spinners can DO anything and justify it with the same tired copy paste crap they spam here war after war. I believe the DON’Ts refer to all of the things the rest of Orbis is prohibited from doing to respond. But what do I know? I’m just a game noob these days. Perhaps there’s an answer in the meta?
  19. Why bag on TLE or TFed for getting out? They’ve been through more than enough war of late. This isn’t a war of their making anyway. Congrats and enjoy your peace.
  20. This might well be the best written war dec I’ve ever read here in the Orb. Brings a tear to me weary eyes.
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