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  1. Well, it looks like you've already found someone to write it. If you're looking for someone to proofread and edit, I'm your guy.
  2. This is incredible, keep it up. I missed some of this stuff, it's nice to catch up.
  3. Sorry, you're right. I forgot that I leaked your military tactics too. (Though honestly, they're mostly the same tactics as everyone else, you guys just do it much better and far more aggressively.) Still, I'm happy to just let this all pass. I've been relieved of all of my infrastructure and money, there's not much else to do at this point.
  4. That's the thing. TEst is a band of friends, I never belonged to that. They're all great guys, but their relationship goes far beyond this game--and to me, this is just a game. My relationship with them doesn't go beyond Politics and War, and I don't ever want it to. This idea that this betrayal goes to some depth beyond me just playing the game is asinine. I leaked a single document that made absolutely no difference whatsoever to the game (nor would it have ever), and the reaction is the same as if I had personally cleaned out TEst's entire bank, slit all their throats in their sleep, an
  5. Which is why I left the group. You guys are a family. I never belonged. Yes, I leaked some stuff in a game, but it's incredibly different from leaking personal stuff from a Facebook group. I would never be vile enough to tell anyone about anything from anyone's personal life. I'm a Shit player, but I'm not a terrible person. Suggesting that is beyond insulting. This has never been anything more than a game to me. The person I an here is not the person I am in real life. This is what I mean by taking this game too seriously.
  6. Say what you want about me, but my alliance did not fall apart, and it had nothing to do with my members. It was a personal, IRL issue that caused all of that. The thing that amazes me is that some of you guys take this game way, way too seriously. Also, Some of you who know me on facebook in real life--stop messaging me on there about this shit. It's a game, I've more important shit to do than answer questions about it anywhere else but here.
  7. Darn! I didn't see this thread. It honestly surprises me that the guy who left TEst the same day that the leak happened was never a suspect.
  8. I don't mind being attacked and raided. I'm a one man alliance, it's to be expected...but don't masquerade behind the mask of justice. It's a raid because you see an opportunity, nothing more. That said, good show! You're doing pretty well so far. Let's see how this goes down.
  9. You shut right the !@#$ up, Kastor.
  10. As it should be. It would've come out eventually. Better that it come from me.
  11. Honestly? I deserve it. It was with TEst's help that I built up most of this nation anyways.
  12. That wasn't a war. That was a gentlemen's bout. I'm glad. I like you too Jodo. I'm prepared to accept my fate.
  13. It was me, I leaked the information. The last few wars have been, in my opinion, kind of dull. So I figured "What the hell? Let's see how Grillick does with a bit of advanced warning. Turns out he found a way to use it to make more enemies and still get his ass kicked. Ah well. I figured it'd be better coming from me than from someone else. Edit: Also, I want to apologize to anyone I've been short with recently. I can be a pissy guy sometimes.
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