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  1. this is not ICN related, just self promotion :)))))))) An unknown person found in Gamers
  2. Recently, Chittagong State has presented a case of Chang and his allied being toxic to him, criticizing on his mistreatment and complaining being banned from International Community (IC) which sparked a controversy. Today, ICN is gonna milk content out of analyze it, interviewing both sides and their views and thus, making a final conclusion of the controversy. Backstory First, Chittagong or Bruhsam as known in his discord name, was friends with Chang Huang and his friends, role-playing in 'the alliance of three people's principles' and having fun, until politics came along and decided to 'imma end this group's whole career' and sparked a heated debate between Bruhsam and the other people. According to JoeMama (yes, joe who? Joe Mama), Brandon Mierzwa felt uncomfortable of Bruhsam downplaying the atrocities committed by Communists and wished for Bruhsam to stop, but in vain, Bruhsam continued and insulted them for their ideology beliefs. This soon resulted in Bruhsam getting banned from 'the alliance of three people's principles'. However, once International Community was created, Bruhsam was one of the first to join despite past disputes, and everything went smooth with some minor arguments and setbacks, until 03/04/2021....... What happened? Malaysianball (AKA me ofc) requested for a journalist section and spammed the life out of Chang Huang to get his attention. Bruhsam also had joined the spam and together, Bruhsam and Malaysianball spammed Chang Huang continuously. Even though, Malaysianball had found out Chang Huang to be sleeping and won't reply very soon so he just stopped, Bruhsam didn't and continued spamming until Chang Huang was back on discord and found hundreds of pings and banned Bruhsam in assumption he was causing troubles again. After Bruhsam was deeply disappointed of the treatment and reaction he got and decided to write an article on it, hoping for some sympathetic reaction from other people. In response, Chang Huang, JoeMama and Brandon replied in his article to telling how toxic he was and he was a hyprocrite. Bruhsam interviews: JoeMama interview: 19:48] Malaysianball: well how then? [19:48] joeMomma: Especially because his English is terrible [19:48] joeMomma: It’s annoying now [19:48] Malaysianball: bro, r u american? [19:48] joeMomma: I am mad [19:48] joeMomma: Yes [19:48] Malaysianball: i'm Chinese...... bruh [19:48] joeMomma: Bruh [19:48] joeMomma: Lol [19:49] Malaysianball: somewhat an american chinese idk(edited) [19:49] joeMomma: Ok cool [19:49] Malaysianball: ok so ur mad and entertained? but did you like intervened or just let Bruhsam get banned? [19:50] joeMomma: Yes I intervened [19:50] joeMomma: He did have a good point on needing bots [19:50] joeMomma: Brandon had already spoken to Chang about it [19:50] joeMomma: So I knew it was going to happen [19:50] Malaysianball: and he said about liking communism [19:50] joeMomma: Ah yes that [19:51] joeMomma: I don’t care about people’s ideology [19:51] Malaysianball: and when he spammed chang that was the last straw right? [19:51] joeMomma: Pretty much [19:51] Malaysianball: yea um [19:51] Malaysianball: ur wrong [19:51] joeMomma: Oh [19:51] Malaysianball: I was the one that spammed...... and sadly...(edited) [19:51] joeMomma: I saw that too [19:52] joeMomma: But it’s because bruhsam called Chang an idoit [19:52] Malaysianball: I caused his permanent banned (forgive me lord, for i have sinned) [19:52] joeMomma: *idiot [19:52] joeMomma: Lol [19:52] Malaysianball: that's all? [19:52] joeMomma: And bruhsam made fun of Chang’s place of origin and political ideology(edited) [19:53] Malaysianball: interesting.... [19:53] joeMomma: Chang said you guys made a good point [19:53] joeMomma: Which is why he gave the server to Brandon [19:53] joeMomma: Plus Changs on do not disturb [19:53] joeMomma: And spam pinging only comes out as one notification [19:53] joeMomma: Usually [19:54] Malaysianball: so to avoid any spams he decided to just pass it onto Brandon? [19:54] joeMomma: Excuse me I’ve gotta do something quickly I’ll be back [19:54] Malaysianball: aight Malaysianball so to avoid any spams he decided to just pass it onto Brandon? [19:54] joeMomma: Yes basically [19:54] joeMomma: I’ll get into more detail a bit later [19:54] joeMomma: sorry [19:54] Malaysianball: aight, imma text chang huang [20:10] joeMomma: Hey I’m back [20:11] Malaysianball: elo, ok so where tf did we left off? [20:11] joeMomma: Chang giving Brandon admin [20:12] Malaysianball: ah yes that [20:12] Malaysianball: so reforms were made [20:13] joeMomma: So basically [20:13] Malaysianball: so do you like the reforms made by brandon? [20:13] joeMomma: Yes [20:13] joeMomma: Definitely [20:13] joeMomma: Brandon asked Chang to be admin [20:13] joeMomma: And Chang said “have it the server is cancer” [20:14] joeMomma: Brandon put a screenshot of that conversation somewhere in the server [20:14] Malaysianball: I see [20:14] joeMomma: Also I don’t know if you know [20:14] joeMomma: But bruhsam kinda hated us even before this server [20:14] Malaysianball: why? [20:15] joeMomma: We were all in a another server before [20:15] joeMomma: Called alliance of three principles [20:15] Malaysianball: the three principles [20:15] joeMomma: Yep [20:15] Malaysianball: I read it [20:15] joeMomma: Yep [20:15] Malaysianball: and the roleplay escalated into actual war [20:15] joeMomma: That’s were the communism argument happened [20:15] joeMomma: And yes [20:15] joeMomma: It was a roleplay Cold War against the empire of Japan [20:16] Malaysianball: but after the war, were they like friends again or smtg? [20:16] joeMomma: No [20:16] joeMomma: Bruhsam got kicked for not stopping [20:16] joeMomma: On talking crimes done by communists [20:17] Malaysianball: was he against commies or in? [20:17] joeMomma: Like some of the members were affected by it [20:17] joeMomma: He was in [20:17] Malaysianball: and downplaying it [20:17] joeMomma: Yep [20:17] joeMomma: He joined that one again and actually apologized [20:18] Malaysianball: and then it was all ok? [20:18] joeMomma: It was kinda accepted but we basically said “you hurt our feelings we can be friends but you’re not welcome in the server” [20:18] Malaysianball: but when I spammed chang hard he tot it was bruhsam [20:18] joeMomma: Yep [20:18] joeMomma: Bruhsam spammed more than you [20:19] Malaysianball: but I was like the starter of this incident and got away with it [20:19] Malaysianball: nice [20:19] joeMomma: Lol [20:19] joeMomma: Then when the international server came he was one of the first to join [20:20] Malaysianball: did he like came 2 spam or what? [20:20] joeMomma: At first no [20:20] Malaysianball: so he just let bygones be bygones [20:20] Malaysianball: for like the first few weeks? [20:21] Malaysianball: or first few days? [20:21] joeMomma: Few weeks I believe [20:22] Malaysianball: few weeks actually meant a month [20:22] Malaysianball: so it was like when I came along and started protest 4 a journalist section he joined me [20:23] joeMomma: Yep [20:23] joeMomma: That’s basically it [20:23] joeMomma: So technically you started the problem [20:23] joeMomma: Lol [20:23] Malaysianball: ;-; [20:23] joeMomma: But it was sort of like a built up with bruhsam [20:24] joeMomma: Bruhsam started a lot of small arguments [20:24] joeMomma: So we just kinda became annoyed of him [20:24] Malaysianball: and wanted to remove him [20:24] joeMomma: Yeah [20:24] joeMomma: Especially after the spam pinging(edited) [20:25] Malaysianball: damn [20:25] joeMomma: Yep [20:25] Malaysianball: aight so will you like accept him back? [20:25] joeMomma: Personally I wouldn’t [20:25] Malaysianball: bc I'm literally the one who got him banned [20:25] joeMomma: Nah lol you’re good [20:26] Malaysianball: but if this was talked in a politics channel [20:26] Malaysianball: you might have a diffrent opinion [20:26] joeMomma: Bruhsam did more problems than you did the spam pinging was just the last straw [20:26] Malaysianball: bc politics channel are political @joeMomma Bruhsam did more problems than you did the spam pinging was just the last straw [20:26] Malaysianball: list them out [20:26] joeMomma: The arguments [20:27] Malaysianball: dark humour [20:27] joeMomma: Sometimes just saying rude things [20:27] joeMomma: His inability to understand some things [20:27] joeMomma: Which caused more arguments as we tried to explain [20:27] joeMomma: His bad English I’m not even trying to be rude but sometimes I didn’t understand him [20:27] Malaysianball: its quite understandable if he's born from the cold war era [20:27] joeMomma: He’s young [20:28] joeMomma: He said it [20:28] Malaysianball: he's from india [20:28] joeMomma: Yea [20:28] Malaysianball: many indians I met were kinda rude [20:28] Malaysianball: rarely some were kind and chill [20:28] joeMomma: Same thing with me [20:28] joeMomma: But I try my best to be nice to everyone(edited) [20:29] Malaysianball: espacially mah teacher who's indian btw [20:29] joeMomma: He got really heated when it came to politics(edited) [20:29] Malaysianball: then just don't discuss politics [20:29] joeMomma: I never did [20:29] joeMomma: He did [20:29] Malaysianball: he just talked about it himself? [20:29] joeMomma: Usually like for example [20:30] joeMomma: Brandon sent us a news bulletin [20:31] joeMomma: And [20:31] Malaysianball: I dun get it [20:31] joeMomma: Oh sorry [20:31] Malaysianball: can you explain? [20:31] joeMomma: Yes [20:32] joeMomma: Sorry I meant to type more but it got deleted somehow [20:32] joeMomma: So Brandon made a news bulletin about his nation getting a new Marshall [20:32] joeMomma: And bruhsam responded by calling it a dictatorship [20:32] joeMomma: Brandon was just doing roleplay [20:32] joeMomma: Bruhsam took it seriously [20:33] Malaysianball: that's basically dictatorship ngl [20:33] joeMomma: Of course it is @joeMomma Bruhsam took it seriously [20:33] Malaysianball: holy [20:33] joeMomma: Yea [20:33] joeMomma: Same thing with me [20:33] joeMomma: I spoke on the server on the future of my nation [20:33] joeMomma: I told them that I plan to change my country government into an oligarchy [20:34] joeMomma: He started asking me why would I want cooperates to run my country [20:34] joeMomma: And took it seriously again [20:34] Malaysianball: personally [20:35] Malaysianball: I would have taken it seriously if it was like Japan turning into an empire bc I remember Japan as massacring my ancestors in China and would have prob started a war over it [20:35] Malaysianball: its the same scenario as this [20:36] Malaysianball: that's my analysis why bruhsam acted like that [20:36] Malaysianball: something of past affected him and made him like that [20:37] Malaysianball: but anyways let's continue Malaysianball I would have taken it seriously if it was like Japan turning into an empire bc I remember Japan as massacring my ancestors in China and would have prob started a war over it [20:39] joeMomma: I agree with you on that point [20:39] joeMomma: Because that’s inconsiderate [20:39] joeMomma: It would be like if I created a nation called [email protected]#$ Germany [20:40] Malaysianball: and the jews would have taken it personally [20:40] joeMomma: Exactly [20:40] joeMomma: But me and Brandon were just roleplaying [20:40] joeMomma: Not seriously [20:40] joeMomma: And sovereign aka Saudi arbaian dorito got into an argument with bruhsam [20:40] Malaysianball: not serious but role-playing would mean you would have to get everyone on board [20:40] joeMomma: About monarchy’s [20:41] Malaysianball: I like monarchs [20:41] Malaysianball: when I'm one [20:44] joeMomma: Lol [20:44] joeMomma: Anyway sorry but I’ve got to go [20:44] Malaysianball: aight its ald over [20:44] joeMomma: I’ll dm you when I’m free again [20:45] Malaysianball: thx 4 ur time letting me milk content [20:46] joeMomma: Lol [20:46] joeMomma: Np Chang Huang Interview: 07:29] Chang Huang: wots up [11:53] Malaysianball: Bruh [13:32] Chang Huang: . . . [13:42] Malaysianball: what time is it now? [13:43] Chang Huang: Time for you to get a clock [13:43] Malaysianball: no I meant like ur place [13:44] Chang Huang: 12:40 am [13:45] Malaysianball: what time would u usually be awake? [13:46] Chang Huang: This feels like a lot of questions i do not feel like answering [13:47] Chang Huang: And considering i play politics and war i do not want my sleep time to be well known as that information could leak and someone could use that info to find a good time to declare war on me [13:49] Malaysianball: I ask that bc when I'm ready 2 ask ur alr sleeping [13:49] Malaysianball: when you finally respond, I'm not in a mood to question and currently busy [13:50] Malaysianball: so I need 2 schedule time [13:50] Chang Huang: Well sorry dude like happens okay [13:51] Malaysianball: alright its fine [13:51] Malaysianball: I'm ready 2 interview u about Chittagong [13:51] Chang Huang: Shoot my guy [13:51] Malaysianball: get some damp cloth bc u might be hot red after the interview [13:52] Chang Huang: okay? [13:52] Malaysianball: first question, what did you think about Chittagong b4 you decided 2 kick him out [13:52] Malaysianball: like b4 he spammed you [13:52] Malaysianball: were yall relations ok? [13:54] Chang Huang: So i will brake this down in a few parts. part 1 he was a chill dude, part 2 he started to go on about Communism and this made the leader of the Polish National Republic mad because IRL he is Polish and his family fled from Poland during the cold war to seek exile in Canada, It also set off a mad mood for the whole community. part 3 is when i was having a very awful night one night and i went on Discord it is 5 in the morning and he was going on about more communist stuff and so i told him to screw off and i banned him from the Alliance of 3 people's principles [13:55] Chang Huang: Part 4 we started to get along slightly better in the International community server but even then he started to spam so i banned him @Chang Huang Part 4 we started to get along slightly better in the International community server but even then he started to spam so i banned him [13:55] Malaysianball: this part is quite........ [13:55] Malaysianball: wrong...... [13:55] Malaysianball: bc it was me who spammed you for the journalist section Malaysianball bro [13:56] Malaysianball: evidence [13:56] Chang Huang: Uh no he also spammed me [13:56] Malaysianball: so yea um, sry dude @Malaysianball so yea um, sry dude [13:56] Chang Huang: I thought this was a interview not a scolding @Chang Huang Uh no he also spammed me [13:56] Malaysianball: yea ik, but I also played a role in his pernament ban @Chang Huang I thought this was a interview not a scolding [13:56] Malaysianball: it is, but also a confession 2 make @Malaysianball it is, but also a confession 2 make [13:57] Chang Huang: Let me guess [13:57] Chang Huang: Your the dude's friend [13:57] Malaysianball: nop [13:57] Malaysianball: I wasn't at that day he spammed you [13:57] Malaysianball: i first spammed you to add journalist section and he joined me [13:58] Chang Huang: I thought it was just him at his antics again [13:58] Malaysianball: we continued spamming but you weren't there so I stopped but he didn't [13:58] Malaysianball: so you just assumed he spammed you when it was me who started the commotion ;-; @Malaysianball so you just assumed he spammed you when it was me who started the commotion ;-; [13:58] Chang Huang: I mean i guess [13:59] Malaysianball: so um yea....... sry man [13:59] Malaysianball: ok enough awkward silence, let's continue [14:00] Malaysianball: after the "drak truth about IC (International Community) post on world news, how did you felt? @Malaysianball after the "drak truth about IC (International Community) post on world news, how did you felt? [14:01] Chang Huang: Like he was salty and wanted to shut us down [14:01] Chang Huang: But i never felt scared because he did not really have anything to say [14:01] Malaysianball: so you were confident that he was wrong? @Malaysianball so you were confident that he was wrong? [14:02] Chang Huang: Very [14:02] Malaysianball: I see ok [14:03] Malaysianball: and after I confessed it was me who led to his permanent ban, will you still change ur POV on him or remain enemies with him? [14:03] Malaysianball: bc if I didn't spammed that day, things might have gone differently @Malaysianball and after I confessed it was me who led to his permanent ban, will you still change ur POV on him or remain enemies with him? [14:04] Chang Huang: He still has done a lot of things we do not like so no [14:06] Malaysianball: so even when you have the opportunity to let him join back you won't? [14:06] Chang Huang: no [14:10] Malaysianball: forever? [14:10] Chang Huang: At least for now [14:11] Malaysianball: I see [14:12] Malaysianball: aight thx for letting me milk content interview you Chang [14:12] Malaysianball: that's all of my questions [14:14] Chang Huang: Your welcome Conclusion: tbh, if I didn't spammed Chang Huang this wouldn't had happened and I wouldn't have this much content to milk but also, I wanted to apologize to Bruhsam for causing his pernament ban, becuz it was all fine until I came along and spammed on Chang Huang. Once again, this is ur ICN, the newest news server, more news will be coming up shortly (if my school dosen't torment me with more homwork), thank you. Note: pls consider joining our discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/XW7ZaQCK5k
  3. The ICN has been made recently and launched its first news (this one lmao) as both a comedic and informative news outlet. ICN is originally from IC (International Community), a roleplay discord channel created by Chang Huang, now in ownership of Brandon Mierzw. ICN has the goal of rivaling other news outlets and especially RON after failing to get back from the director of news of ICN, Pogger Po about his application as a reporter. The ICN wishes for any potential players to come and join no matter as a reporter or a role-player or what, IC and ICN will always welcome them with open arms. Server link sry lol:https://discord.gg/XW7ZaQCK5k
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