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  1. Didn't you post a RoH? If you just countered CTO rather than made a forum post you wouldn't have been "dragged in" You probably would have been fine if you negotiated the treaty before you armed up
  2. Congrats on the treaty, IRON and GATO!
  3. Who do you think will admit these as their CB unless they also hurl "HeGeMoNy" at a sphere for the top one?
  4. ??? The timing and tiering don't seem too good here... But good luck nonetheless
  5. Yzard

    We Win

    So this is why you invited me out for a drink... Too bad you got the wrong secret leader. Our real secret leader is *bang!* *Gurgling noises*
  6. So when people say "he/she's for the streets" they mean they just end up applying to join you? Congrats on existing! 🥳 Btw we'll declare war on you if your offshore or training alliance isn't called The Hood
  7. Top part got cut off but Kan says "someone wants to join the embassy" and I say "open the gate"
  8. ... Did you just hijack my post? I APPROVE
  9. You're next. Make sure you don't lie about how your day has been
  10. Awrawra walked up to the Man Singh stand and he sez to the Man (Singh) running the stand 🎶bum bum bum🎶 "How was your day?" The Man (singh) said "ok?" ~~The duck~~ Awrawra sed "Okay" And they flew away 🎶bum bum bum🎶 Till the very next day 🎶bum bum bum🎶 Awrawra walked up to the Man Singh stand and he sez to the Man (Singh) running the stand 🎶bum bum bum🎶 "How was your day?" The Man (singh) said "My day has been good" Awrawra sad "You LIE!!! You said it was ok yesterday. How can it be good now?!" So Awrawra sed "We declare war on TKR for lying and hirting my feelings" Signed by: King Benfro of Awrawra Queen Kan of TNR Tldr: Aurora declares a meme war TKR because Man Singh (TKR FA) lied about how his day was
  11. Congratulations! I can't wait to have peace negotiations with you because some idiot raided the other and counters got countered 🥳
  12. Hmm... Sounds like OCD? Congrats on the merge!
  13. Nobody cares about these micro conflicts 🙄
  14. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe, and hit that bell icon to get notifications when more quality content gets released.
  15. Do you are have dumb? I don't think you understand where alliances get their money. Alex isn't just giving out $x to each alliance. They get the money from taxing their members.
  16. Scooby snaccs where? Looking forward to our new partnership with tCW, Fark and & as well as our continued partnership with Cam and Weebs
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