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  1. I have declared war on this person and so have 2 other people. They have very good loot. When this person's wars are over we're going to commit more war crimes.

    1. Nyx


      Please don't, I'm rebuilding. If anyone wants resources I'm willing to send them over almost for free, just don't attack me...

  2. There is a poll. Answer the poll 😐
  3. dnn You're getting rolled on your own post. How do you feel?
  4. When did I mention the main server? In the test server you nuked me and that was the only attack you did when I raided you.
  5. Note: This guy only uses nukes apparently Also, dnn
  6. We are a new hierarchic alliance with a slowly but surely growing community! You should join us. Why? Well lets list some reasons - Free grants - 5M joining bonus after 3 days - Government positions available - Protection from raids - Low taxes - Training program - More stuff that I'm too lazy to put here so this is a placeholder! So what do you think? Your decision. We also have government positions available --------------------------------------------- Discord(Join first): https://discord.com/invite/PharbhA2jv Alliance https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10189
  7. Testing, testing 123 I have made this to show things pitbulls.mov Ha
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