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  1. 210 wars? rookie numbers, FrenchM has 597 Wars/members, git gud scrub. Why dont you war more you Pixelhuggers, become like frenchM. Big warmongers, many wars big explosions.
  2. gib old war mechanics back, city score 50 or 75 at max instead of 100 pls and ty.
  3. Carthago really did a «no u» savage
  4. I’m city 40. You pay me 100 billion and i will consider having grumpy as an option.
  5. Vein


    I Consider you my greatest friend too... horsecock you PIECE OF POOP HOW DARE U STEAL DRYAD FROM ME
  6. Cant keep my name out of your mouth? Maybe you guys should git Gud and not Get a new head of Milcom every new month. Incompetent scrubs.
  7. @Prefontainehey, good job on the updates! Keep it up, we in eclipse are cheering for you.
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