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  1. Chief Wiggum

    Of Pickaxes and Hammers - A Tale of Surrender

    I said "please". Next one to derail washes the dishes (and gets a warning).
  2. Chief Wiggum

    Of Pickaxes and Hammers - A Tale of Surrender

    Call me crazy guys, but I think this is going kinda out-of-topic. There are quite a few of other threads focusing on propaganda or TKR-NPO's lovestory. Please, respect the original subject of the topic. Love you all.
  3. Chief Wiggum

    We are here for the Whales

    Mutliple violations of the forum rules have been reported in this thread. I ask you all to avoid personal attacks (especially OOC ones) and stop posting out of topic content. The thread will remain open, but future violations will [insert abstract and menacing threat here]. Peace.
  4. Chief Wiggum

    Bloody Horsemen

    I will kindly ask you all to remain on-topic. This thread is getting derailed (either by mistake or on purpose).
  5. Chief Wiggum

    Bloody Horsemen

    Moved from Orbis Central to Alliance Affairs. I am kinda shocked. This is the first time I don't have to do the opposite...
  6. Chief Wiggum

    RE: Score Formula Tweaks

    Typical criminal... Full of excuses. You have the right to remain silent.
  7. Chief Wiggum

    RE: Score Formula Tweaks

    Worth it.
  8. Chief Wiggum

    Hydra enjoying the coal mines

    I wouldn't call an "alliance" with 2 nations really an alliance, so this is not an alliance announcement. Moving it away from Alliance Affairs and locking it.
  9. Chief Wiggum

    RIP nova

    A reminder to all members that the Alliance Affairs forums are meant to be used by alliance leaders to make important announcements regarding their alliance (DoE, DoW, RoH, new treaty, call-out against another alliance, etc.). Keep the memes threads elsewhere.
  10. @Comrade Boris one more random topic and you will be flagged as a spammer (which is equal to getting banned from the forums). With love, Chief Wiggum
  11. Chief Wiggum

    I am not amused.

  12. Chief Wiggum


  13. Chief Wiggum

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    Already banned for it.
  14. Chief Wiggum

    Suggestion: Please Disable Emperor Jonas

    @MinesomeMC (and anyone else), next time, report the corresponding forum so that the forum moderators can take action earlier.
  15. Chief Wiggum

    Remove war

    @Emperor Jonas, please avoid double-/triple-posting and use the right sections of the forums to present your ideas. The three threads have been merged, since they had the exact same topic. @Tymoteusz that's... rude... Keep it civil.
  16. Chief Wiggum

    Hey there

    Welcome on board, @Vein. I hope you are enjoying the game thus far.
  17. Chief Wiggum


    Glad to have you back Bose. Enjoy!
  18. Chief Wiggum

    United Hoods DoE

    Thanks Red, but if all 1-man alliances were to post in the Alliance Affairs, that would be a problem.
  19. Chief Wiggum

    United Hoods DoE

    Jokes are nice and all, but please, don't spam the Alliance Affairs forums. It's the most important area for people to look at. I see no "alliance" so I move this thread to Orbis Central.
  20. Chief Wiggum

    Approved & Denied Suggestions

    Pinned this one and unpinned the older one.
  21. Chief Wiggum

    Forum user with no ingame nations posts DoE

    Report handled, case closed, topic locked.
  22. Chief Wiggum

    Hola! Howdy Howdy!

    Lies! Welcome on board, @KnottyNinja. I suggest you do your own research and join one of the top 30 alliances or so. The more professional it looks, the better. Most alliances of that level will offer what you are looking for (guides included), so, if some of them have some "hard" requirements (joining a Discord server, forums, fill in a form), do spend some time to apply properly. It will be worth it later on. Good luck and have fun.
  23. Chief Wiggum

    The couping of Sirius

    One more pun for Sirius and warnings will start being issued. Siriously.
  24. Chief Wiggum

    Greetings from Sparqs

    Welcome to our planet, @Sparqs. Enjoy role-playing! I suggest you join one for the top 30 alliances asap.
  25. Chief Wiggum

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    I could also lock the topic and let you be the last one to comment. Let's go 50-50 and you got a deal.

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