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  1. Hello I came today to talk to the P&w Abt the nasty act of blackskies. The leader of the blackskies had made a disgusting comment Abt my nephew and made him leave the game for good even me as well because nobody is looking Into this and TLE had defending them and swamp as well the leader of blackskies said bullying us for 50m or he would have sex with my lil nephew that's the words of the blackskies leader.he had been trying to defend his name by deleting stuff.to go against us.but we have a Lil information still we need people to stand up against Blackskies and TLE because they are defending a pervert who like lil boys I will not take this as a joke. This game how much respect but the respect would be destroyed because things like this.please look into this matter p&w please don't let nobody else go through this I'm leaving the game until this is handle.✌🏻
  2. Hello p&w community I came here today to talk about a disgusting act from the blackskies and TLE defending A person who like lil boys.and made my nephew leave the game and I'm Also leaving for the nasty remarks from Blackskies leader alan.he said he was going to have sex with my nephew if we don't pay 50m. We told TLE and they didn't listen! We asked for peace we never got it I tried to give Him 50m he Never took it.we had been bullied by the blackskies leader because swamp have his back.alan has been delete and stuff to cover up his actions I ask if p&w community would help us with this problem.because I am leaving the game as well because nobody haven't come to defend Horde empire from someone who is playing the game wrong nobody should never go through this 


    1. Roger



      Nice way of trying to get others banned

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