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  1. This decision was utter failure from the beginning. The embassy should never be moved to Jerusalem. There are reasons why it shouldn't of moved. This decision will hant the US until a President moves it back to Tel Aviv. Trump was only appeasing Netanyahu and his base. The israelis, palestinians, our allies, and most of the world see this as another disaster already happening.
  2. On behalf of Argos, welcome to Orbis.Good Luck!
  3. ARGOS Discord Server: https://discord.gg/d3R2nNw Alliance Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4850 On behalf of Argos, we declare our existence to Orbis. We are proudly protected by Black Knights.
  4. Welcome to the game. We are glad to have you in Argos.
  5. Congrats on the treaty, guys
  6. So, untrue, @kastor. But, then again no one is suprised you would come and post idiotic comments like this! Meritless!
  7. As someone who used to be in Pantheon...long live Pantheon! Good Luck as you go forward!
  8. Believe what you want...the facts say otherwise.Good Luck to you!
  9. Keep lying to yourself! And I never fail!
  10. You didn't RUN MY ALLIANCE! Get over it!
  11. Wow, you sure have a big ego. But, I will pop it! First off, I ran the alliance. I always talked and did what was necessary. The score jumps was due to me, PERIOD! I did the work. I was always busy keeping Guinness going. I never denied you every step of the way. Pure BS on your part! I didn't remove Gavin at all. That is false! You: literally every member that i worked with i can quote to saying "diomedes doenst seem to be in charge here"...FALSE ! The incompetence is all yours. Guinness members always knew and saw I was around to keep the alliance going. I never fail...that is your department, BUD!
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