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  1. Correction, I have 8 cities with around 1750 infra given all the crap NPO gave me over basically nothing. Second, who are you exactly? I seen your name, sure, but I have no record of declaring war on you.
  2. Why would I want a reminder of all that I lost on my birthday? Of course I'm going to play video games: just video games that aren't PnW.
  3. If and when you move continents to drill oil, don't just build oil rigs in all of your cities. That's stupid and wasteful. Instead, pick one city, and build 12 oil rigs. No less. Do that every 3-5 cities, and also build maximum oil refineries in one city per number of oil cities you have. Basically, if you have 12 oil rigs in one city, have 5 gasoline refineries in another. Or the same city, if you have enough infra, but I don't recommend it.
  4. It doesn't matter how long it lasts, because if it goes any longer than the end of July, I'm peacing out. I am not fighting a war on my birthday. That's just sad.
  5. I signed in this morning to find out I was producing 0 Food. Why? Because global nuclear war had broken out. Great job, geniuses, now we're all starving. Now, we're ALL gonna die. Was it worth it? I don't think so. Seriously, why the nukes? You literally made playing this game impossible now. Radiation takes FOREVER to go away. I mean it: why?? Why is any of this worth it?
  6. Weird title, I know, but hear me out: My little brother found out about this game and wants to try it out. I said OK, but then I thought about this: We live together, and use the same IP and device, but have two different accounts. Long story short, if my brother wanted to make an account on this same device, using their own email and own account, would that result in a multi-account ban for me, or would I be fine? I really enjoy this game and just want to be sure that I won't get banned for a misunderstanding. Thanks!
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