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  1. ah yes, because alex will certainly change the rules of the game and forums because of a poll made by a person so mad about their bigot friend getting banned for being a bigot that they spam the reports forum with frivolous reports, clawing for any desperate means of pathetic revenge, who made said poll because their frivolous reports kept rightly getting smacked down. Alex is not an idiot so im not sure why you'd expect this to be the case.
  2. thank you for handling a difficult situation with grace.
  3. josh stop making good posts you're shaking my faith in reality
  4. what do you know, a Josh post that i agree with. never thought id see the day. if you didn't want to be assaulted, you shouldn't have dressed like that. come on with the victim blaming. that's never okay.
  5. a poem, full of nothing but baseball-related familial imagery as a metaphor for baseball concepts. is somehow about beating children to you. also, you don't get to dictate what anyone else puts on their nation page.
  6. it is a metaphor *FOR BASEBALL* you are literally the worst poster i have ever seen
  7. it is not a metaphor for anything. it is a tweet by a man named Mr Baseball about being overly attached to the game of baseball. any underlying meaning is something you're reading into it that isn't there.
  8. wow, you're really not mad! making threads whinging about moderator decisions is exactly the kind of thing people do when they're absolutely not mad!
  9. we are literally at war. im pretty sure they're allowed to find fault with us. i find fault with us.
  10. i have DMed Alex about this already and he told me it has never been allowed. thanks for playing.
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