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  1. Ragnarok and Atlas hereby enter this Optional Defense agreement under the basis of mutual respect and friendship. Article I: Sovereignty The signatories of this treaty promise not to infringe on the sovereignty of each other, and agree to mutually respect the right to conduct one’s internal affairs without external interference. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories of this treaty guarantee the cessation of any and all forms of hostile activities that may be directed towards each other. Article III: Intelligence The signatories of this treaty agree to share relevant intelligence with the intent of improving the safety and stability of both parties. Article IV: Optional Defense The signatories of this treaty acknowledge that while they are not mandated to come to the aid of their fellow signatory in case of conflict, they are encouraged to do so upon request. That aid may come in the form of military, financial or political assistance as the parties agree is practical. Article V: Cancellation 72 hours of notice must be given in the event that either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty. Signed for Ragnarok: High King: Jeremy Graham Jarl: AddictedBoy Thane of Diplomacy: Nikolash Steward of Diplomacy: AnwarJ Signed for Atlas: Afterthought: Epimetheus Forethought: Commander Papi Innerthought: Pyrrha Oracle of Foreign Affairs: Samuel Bates
  2. We vikings love ourselves a fight and some mead, but nothing beats a good song to raise our spirits after a battle… or a drinking contest. The brothers and sisters over at Bad Company have some of the most talented musicians us vikings have ever seen, and at times they have been kind enough to provide us with their services. In turn we get more drunk and get into more brawls amongst ourselves, providing a rather entertaining spectacle for them. A day or so ago, while we were enjoying our sixth bottle of mead, we noticed that our fellas in Bad Company got into a bar fight with GoG, who soon called for their buddy NPO. As the patron of the arts, us vikings in Ragnarok (wasted as we are) could not let such an opportunity pass by! In recognition of NPO’s attack against our brothers and sisters at BC we have deemed that assisting BC in this fight is of the greatest importance. Ragnarok declares war on New Pacific Order. Signed: Jeremy Graham, High King AddictedBoy, Jarl Dundren, Thane of War Balancer, Steward of War
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