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  1. Alliance of the Year: NPO Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: KT Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: Soup Most Active Alliance: Soup Best Government Line-Up: Rose Best Rookie Alliance: GOONS Most Honorable: KT Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: North Point (That's a joke, but I do want to see them win the category for the lols) Best Forums: TKR Best Discord: TKR Best Alliance Page: Soup Most Controversial Alliance: GOONS Best Alliance for New Players: TGH Best Economic System: T$ Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Terminal Jest Best Re-brand: Rose Scariest Alliance: KT Best Alliance Ad: Arrgh
  2. Sadly your efforts won’t matter unless if you’re rich. Even if you are, odds are it still won’t matter. It seems like the snowball has already started rolling, only thing left is damage control. Excessiveness will be our downfall.
  3. You can come down my chimney any time, Papa Santa. @ChristianTheGOAT Probably would be more noteworthy and understandable to post if there was more taken than merely 30 mil, but still... good for you I guess?
  4. I know that I have a bad memory, but you definitely have it worse than I do.
  5. Honestly? It feels like they're trying to find every which way to statpad.
  6. This might've been a better choice Also, don't know who you guys are, but you did pretty well for an 8-man alliance 17 European States KERCHTOG 168 95 2,310 1,651 $2,389,612,734 $5,516,987,733 $3,127,374,999 So, good job boys.
  7. "Give the man a break, he graduated from the Nova Riata school of foreign affairs!" I think you meant: "Give the man a break, he failed from Thalmor's school of foreign affairs!" Fixed that for you @Mikey
  8. Maybe have a flag that prevents the beige timer from counting down while there’s still defensive wars on your nation? But also allows it to still count down if you have any offensive wars on someone? To be frank this suggestion was honestly probably ill timed. Especially with the ongoing war at the moment. Anyways, idk, any changes of preventing beige time in offensive wars will need to be included additional revamp of defensive wars or the beige mechanics in general. Any such changes, will of course, have to be community tested. And be put into effect while there’s already a global war going on. Just make sure to start another tournament on the test server when you do so @Alex
  9. Honestly, I don't even know what to say to argue with you. Nothing I say will matter, you'll still be firm in your ideological beliefs. Your viewpoint won't change from a member of the thing you hate telling you otherwise. It gets more incredibly difficult to put more into terms what I wish to say, especially with my social inadequacy. Only thing I feel like I should be saying is that, with all of my time in KT; I know for sure we have a dark sense of humor, but I've just never had the feeling of racism and fascism in our community. In the case of Adraya, I've always found his maturity to be at times very deficient, but I never got that feeling from him either.
  10. Honestly? The alliance needs to instill a sense of community, have an active form of communication (ie active alliance Discord channels), and the capability of learning, adapting and developing its members.
  11. Kind of think NPO’s war name is creative : “Dial Up” But I’d probably go with the “KETOGG Cereal Crusade” as the name. In reference to that cereal meme.
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