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  1. Bye Partisan, glad to see things went out on a high note. Good luck out there.
  2. If only my private negotiations had come through, we would've had peace, but alas. My gracious terms were rejected, shown here in an re-enactment.
  3. Well now Buorhann, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. BK doesn't have ties, those are all merely mergers in progress. It's little distinctions like that which are important in FA, can't mess it up.
  4. mm, no need to get so defensive guys lol. Keegoz’s soapboxing is amusing given the multiple threads discussing/arguing what IQ presented as their cb, and Shifty’s thread, but I guess that joke didn’t get across. Oh well. Beyond that, I had no part in any plots or whatever IQ was doing, so save your righteous outrage for them. ?
  5. lol @ KT and TGH rushing to “defend” BC on the OWF now. I guess Shifty was right about who BC is going to sign post-war, eh?
  6. Good evening ladies and gentleman, do we have a show for you tonight! Froooooooom Moonshadow, the greatest thinker of our time - who blew the lid off the NPO Steel Conspiracy and saved millions from buying hyperinflated trade market NPO steel that went right into Roq's warstats! Now comes his greatest theory yet: The Kevanovia Leaky Bank Conspiracy! Was "Cynic" ever real at all? What was this mysterious "new alliance" really being set up for? Did Kev actually pay IQ to hit BC? Are we really asking Alexio anything? All this and more as Moonshadow connects the dots on the greatest story Kevanovia doesn't want you to know!
  7. You set yourself up for this one TGH
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=112672&display=bank tfw you get looted by Pantheon
  9. I guess all the people complaining about not getting a cb missed this post. C'mon guys, just look at what Buorhann said, and do some thinking (I know it's hard Thrax)! You'll figure it out. ? Also don't act all grumpy Hippo, the battle of the Polaris's would've been meme gold and you know it.
  10. This is (probably) the cb and the name for this war, no need to put it to a vote. ?
  11. Players Online: Nice, I have the mods and top shitposters. Dream team right here. What scrubs are going to get beaten up today? RNG: Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that- …. Do we win?: Everyone else has had their chance, I suppose it's only fair I get my turn...
  12. Perma-VM and deleted, respectively. I guess GoB is lucky they aren't counting that in the war stats.
  13. Not quite the hill, I was expecting you to pick to die on, but alright ?
  14. Dad? But never fear, while it is easy to criticize from such a low position, I still have this war's real theme to go back to when the beach closes for the night.
  15. Hey, so I just got this message from a friendly TCW nation, please pass it on and support Felkey! We've got to help him! Let's show everyone what the PnW community can do!
  16. "The worst thing about democracy is when people actually show up and vote, particularly for things I don't like." - Thrax Also obligatory
  17. Snapshots of History - PnW Edition This following photo is one of the few which depicts the first meeting between the "Big Three", the coalition leaders who came together in the fight to free the whale tier from the grips of EMC. Shortly after it was taken, hundreds of nations embarked on a massive blitz into TKR's vaunted "Fortress Upper Tier" to establish the first beachheads of the war.
  18. You know, you actually said something decently accurate in that little WoT Seppy. While the rest of your secret treaty EMC pals have enough VM nations between them to form a top 20 alliance (and enough VM gov members to run it, albeit poorly), GoB only has a few like Tywin. It would be commendable, although I assume the reason is less "loyalty to GoB" and more the fact that the number of clicks it'd take to put your nation in VM is a few more than the average GoB nation makes in a day or two, so it's been too much effort so far!
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