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  2. I love the Cloudflare error screen - it really tells you all you need to know. You're good, Cloudflare is good; everything works great! Alex is broken Way to pinpoint the issue.
  3. Yeah apparently the Nations API takes 40 seconds to complete calls. Thanks Sheepy for making my war bot take literally 10 minutes! <3 love your API servers Does make the war fun when there's the added gambling of whether your page is going to take 40s, 1m40s, or 1h40m to load
  4. I love how everyone thinks this is all a big joke - give it 3 months max, and rip filipo COUP COUP COUP!!
  5. Thanks for your work Alex. This is definetly great news.
  6. I think this is where "balance of probability" comes into play. Let's be real - if a leader of an alliance is getting 200 billion from a source that they know nothing about, then they were negligent in their responsibility to not be complicit. Just this week, I recieved 200million and my leader inquired into its source. I think that it's extremely suspicious, and that serious investigation should be conducted on pooball and the North 14 to dig up any misconduct, rather than simply waiting for convincing evidence to arise. This is of course even if you choose to wait for concrete evidence before taking disciplinary action. I respect for your decision not to punish NR members, even though I'm not sure I agree with the principle - it makes sense from a practical standpoint. That being said, the cities bought are absolutely "fruit of the poisonous tree". To respond quickly by saying that deleting resources of a punishment, that's objectively not the case. Rather, it's just reversing the actions of PART of the exploited resources, effectively mitigating the gains on his part.
  7. I'd like to clear something up for the record. Since this is in alliance affairs, one might assume this is affiliated with or sanctioned by Empyrea. This is not the case. Canter
  8. Hey All, As a long time NodeJS/Js user of the Politics & War API, I've recently decided to create a library to simplify accessing the API, and handling the kerfuffle of data that is returned from the calls. My hope was to really sort through the mess of inconsistencies and have clear, promise-based calling of the api simply by calling a method for each API. The library is designed to accept garbage in, and release quality out - it's relatively type-safe, but accepts both number and string as data types for any id fields. As well, it simplifies calls like the nations api which take several parameters, by simply taking an object parameter. It is promise based, and compatible both with NodeJS and CommonJS. // Example Setup in nodejs const PoliticsAndWar = require("pnw4js"); let pnw = new PoliticsAndWar("key"); async function main() { let nation = await pnw.nation(64060) // or string .catch(err => console.error(err)); console.log(nation); }(); It's not a necessity, but it definitely saves a lot of time. Future updates will be compatible with current code, and are planned to include: V2 - Stricter Type Safety, Calling Cache V3 - Filters, Analysis, etc. V4 - Implement a version of this for Google Apps Script?? (to be confirmed). I know Google Apps Script isn't friendly, but many people (including myself) get forced into using it Unfortunately the generated TSDoc on Github Pages is down, so either read the TSDoc annotations in the code or download the /docs folder and just open a file in browser. More updates to come! Links: GitHub: https://github.com/canterbotto/pnw4js Package on NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/pnw4js You can friend me @Canter#0548, reply to this post or create an issue on the Github for support, and I'll try to assist within 24 hours. I hope this helps, and thanks for reading! - Canter
  9. Your RP is as bad as @Thalmor with his last girlfriend (Woops that doesn't exist). DEATH TO AMERICA We are Asses Assasins!!
  10. We are assassins. SPIT ON THE NON BELIEVERS!!!
  11. This man -_-. Lmao. Triggered by update at finest.
  12. Lmao - good luck to y'all @THE OLD VE. Nice Rebrand, have fun.
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