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  1. This is excellent Comrade Chairman Boris. We will defeat those pigs and Boris Bois will prevail! Hura! You're right he isn't government because he is the government. Learn your place.
  2. And just like that the activity on the forums died. Nice to talk to you all and I will see you when the next dumbo decides to say something stupid on the forums.
  3. Generally want to know what y'all think.
  4. Oh crap you're right. My bad. I hope I didn't offend anyone. ?
  5. That's exactly just the reaction we needed. Thanks Developers!
  6. Never! More like, "Let's Actually Make the P&W Forums Great!"
  7. exactly comrade. let's be honest without @Emperor Jonas the forum activity will die again.
  8. This is a real suggestion though. You git gud capitalist pig
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