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  1. I've fought pirates seeking to raid and plunder nations in my alliance. However I have noticed that none of them have the Pirate Economy project. I would be interested to know the reasoning on why this project isn't as popular or crucial as it could be at first glance. 6 Offensive wars from 5 sounds like a revenue increase of 20% to me Any pirates care to enlighten me?
  2. I will definitely play every turn if I could if the rewards are much higher and worth investing into. It would also be pretty cool if the revenue scales with the nation's total infra. so that high infra nations, which tend to sign in once a day, will have an incentive to play baseball, hence come online more often to maximise revenue
  3. Will there be more Holy Grails in Camelot?
  4. Hello Emissary of the Kanawha people, I am Andruwu of the people of Pulomas (loosely based on a place I used to live at in Indonesia). We are a proud ocean-faring nation that seeks to expand its economic and diplomatic reach with the world through the Ibu Laut. I would like extend a welcome to Orbis by perhaps sampling our proud people's es kelapa, which is a iced coconut beverage grown in the lava fields of the Bapak Merah.
  5. Welcome, hope you can make that big money and make a big nation
  6. Christmas definitely came early Hohoho
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