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  1. It's Been A Ongoing Issue, These Were The Final Steps To Cause it
  2. Greetings, As of today, the leadership of Vault 111 had changed due to internal matters. The structure we will use has not been determined yet, me and and General G will be leading the change. PM one of us with questions
  3. Yes, there was some minor confusion but we corrected it. The treaty did not need a Intel section as we trust each other
  4. Interesting move, can't Say I Think Its A.good One, But Best Of Luck Anyways
  5. So If Protectorate 2 Is Attacked, Protectorate 1 Can Trick The Aggressors Into Doing A preemptive strik, Getting Protector 1 involved well Played I think
  6. Indeed, point i was trying to make
  7. Thats not a easy answer. There is 2 ways to deal with it "I dont need to ask my protectors! "- You can sign what ever you want but if you [email protected]#$ up, they may drop you and you get raided and die "I will ask if its ok" - If you ask them they generally dont care unless you plan on signing someone really stupid and you get to keep your protector Oh wait that is easy, the answer is no but ask anyways
  8. The circumstances were unfortunate but orders from both Leadership or our protectors, we were obtaining at the time was NOT to post anything on the OWF until we were ready. Sadly you disobeyed that order and posted anyways. By doing this, you caused our protector to back out leaving us exposed to all or Orbis. It was sad to see you go but it was the result of your actions, so being mad at myself or Catsby is not reasonable. Not to mention i had no part in the decision but i do agree with it. With that being said we would be happy to let you back into Vault 111 and redeem yourself, even if you reroll and do not pick V111 we do wish you the best in your venture.
  9. Vault 111 is a fallout themed alliance formed on 05/13/2017 and is protected by Acadia Constitution of Vault 111 In order to establish peace, order, build economically, we hereby establish Vault 111 and the following governing rules and structure Article 1: Vault 111 Vault 111 is a Fallout themed alliance formed between a merger of Animal Empire and Golden Phoenix Coalition. The purpose of Vault 111 is to provide a bright economic future to all of its members and allies as well as offer its members protection where needed. Article 2: High Government Section 2.1: Leadership The Leadership will be constructed of 3 positions. Overseer of Advisers will be responsible for overseeing the alliance advisers as well as general oversight of the alliance as a whole Overseer of Scientist will oversee the duties of the Scientist as well as assist The Overseer of Advisers in day to day operations Overseer of Dwellers is responsible for the upkeep of the alliance member base assisting where needed. Additionally will assist The Overseer of Advisers in day to day operations Section 2.2: Advisers The Advisers will be constructed of 4 positions and will be appointed by The Overseers when necessary. Foreign Affairs Adviser will be responsible for foreign relations and signing treaties on behalf of the alliance. Additionally they will be tasked with resolving raiding issues externally and internally. Internal Affairs Advisor will be responsible for accepting, declining and recruiting members into the alliance. They will additionally be responsible to upkeep the rules and regulations of Vault 111. Economic Adviser will be responsible for creating programs for economic development. They will additionally be responsible for setting alliance tax rates Military Advisor will be responsible for alliance war preparations, creating and updating military protocol of Vault 111. Section 2.3: Removal of High Government If it is believed a member of high government needs to be removed from office a vote of “no confidence†may be taken on the high government. If the vote passes by ¾ the member will be removed from high government. Only a overseer may authorize this vote to take place. Article 3: General Government Section 3.1: Positions The low government officials will be called scientist and will be constructed of 4 positions. . Foreign Affairs Scientist will be responsible for general relations of Vault 111 internationally. They additionally may draft treaties for the Foreign Affairs Adviser to approve or decline Internal Affairs Scientist will be responsible aiding the Internal Affairs Adviser in day to day operations. Directly responsible to verify members of Vault 111 are in compliance with rules and regulations of Internal Affairs. Economic Scientist will be responsible for aiding the Economic Adviser. Directly responsible to verify members of Vault 111 are in compliance with rules and regulations of the Economics department. Military Scientist will be responsible for aiding the Military Adviser. Directly responsible to verify members of Vault 111 are in compliance with rules and regulations of the Defense department. Section 3.1: Voting Members of the low government will hold 3 month terms. At the end of the 3 months a nomination thread will be opened by the Internal Affairs Adviser. The thread will remain open for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days a poll will be opened with the top 3 nominations. Polls last 3 days, majority wins. Article 4: General Protocol(s) Section 4.1: AWOL In the case of overseer(s) going AWOL (Absent without leave) the remaining overseers will take over their duties until they return. In the case of a Adviser going AWOL, the scientist of the same department will step up to fill the role temporarily until their return. Additionally if a scientist goes AWOL for 7 or more days a new nomination and election will take place. Section 4.2: Nation Delation If a government member deletes their nation, the Overseers shall appoint someone to their position. Article 5: Rules of Conduct Article 5.1: Membership If a nation wishes to become a member of Vault 111 they may do so by applying in game and on the forums. Following the application the Internal Affairs adviser may approve or decliner the application as they deem fit. Article 5.2: Raiding All members a5re expected to follow the raiding regulations set forth by the acting Military Adviser. Failure to abide the raiding guide may result in fees or immediate removal from the alliance. Article 5.3: Leaving the alliance Any nation who wishes to exit the alliance may do so once all loans are paid back and leadership has been given a 48hr notice. Failure to abide may result in action being taken by Vault 111 and/or allies. Article 6: Amendments If it is believed this document needs to be amended it may be done so by majority vote of all members of Vault 111 and a ¾ vote of all government officials Signed - Leadership Overseer of the Government: Catsby Overseer of the Dwellers: MinesomeMC High Government Shelter Adviser (IA): Whiskers Wasteland Adviser (FA): Alexander XIV Low Government Underground Scientist (IA): Viktor Eich Ishenoff Resource Scientist (EA): Leonidas Weapons Scientist (MA): Shad Discord: https://discord.gg/sb4BYUj Forums: http://vault111.tk
  10. Vault 111 has a MDP with Bayonet Alliance
  11. btw sorry for the bad screen shot and all, was on my phone and it was 1am when the terms were agreed on
  12. Vault 111 Recognition of Hostilities Vault 111 recognizes hostilities from Germanische Imperiale Ordung even after successful diplomatic resolution and a peace agreement was made (and violated by GIO in less than 24hrs). Signed - Overseer of the Government: Catsby Overseer of the Dwellers: MinesomeMC Shelter Adviser (IA): Whiskers Wasteland Adviser (FA): Alexander XIV
  13. The fact that AE is getting so much attention is interesting..... Good luck to everyone involved
  14. +1 Same, was mid war when someone reset...
  15. Steps for declaring war in current war for the AAs who are afraid or unsure what side to pick 1. Find a dartboard (Your local bar may have 1) 2. Put every AA on the board 3. Throw 1-3 darts with your eyes shut (If you miss try again) 4. Once you have your target find a reason to declare, with the current structure their is more thank likely a reason 5. If you allied say !@#$ it and continue to step 6 6. Using the 2 man blitz, attack your target Good luck everyone.
  16. Interesting DoW but good luck to all
  17. Very much so, not much war going on....
  18. Well there is a very big scientific explanation to this........... boredom
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